‘Dayanita’ and her son’s supposed mother hug each other tightly in advance of “Andrea” | VIDEO – MAG.

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Andrea Llosa confirmed that this Wednesday in his program ‘Dayanita’ You will find out if you are the father of a 10-year-old child, after both undergo a DNA test.

“Today the truth of this story will be known”, can be heard in the short video posted on the journalist’s Instagram profile.

In addition, in the images the popular character of “JB en ATV” is seen quite nervous before knowing the results of paternity tests. “Andrea, I can’t, I’m shaking. I dont know”, dice ‘Dayanita’ her voice cracking.

Likewise, ‘Dayanita’ joined in a sincere hug with Pamela Gómez, the child’s mother, and asked her to allow her to be close to the child regardless of the DNA results.

“If it comes out positive, I’m happy, if it comes out negative I’ll be there to support it. All I ask is that you let me see him, whether or not he is my son ”, you hear the influencer say.

Days ago, Andrea Llosa showed in her program images of the reunion between the “JB en ATV” actress with the child’s mother, Pamela Gómez. The artist traveled to the Los Olivos hunt (Pucallpa) to see the woman face to face after six years.

The two sat at a table and discussed details of how their relationship started. “I never stopped seeing him until I was three or four years old. What I always want is for us to get out of this doubt that I have never stopped thinking about him. I say he is my son “Dayanita began.

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