Dayanita will be in “Andrea” to verify her paternity of a child

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Dayanita, the popular character that is part of the cast of “JB en ATV”, will be the protagonist of a new edition of the program “Andrea”, where he will arrive to undergo a DNA test and thus determine if he really has a child in the Peruvian jungle .

Through its social networks, the ATV channel shared a promotional spot for the episode focused on Dayanita. “This Monday at 8:45 PM! What is the heartbreaking secret that holds in your heart one of the most beloved characters on television? A truth that will finally be revealed “, is the legend that accompanies the video.

Likewise, the host of the program, Andrea Llosa, was in charge of confirming the news during a recent interview with Pamela Vértiz on “D Day”.

It’s about Dayanita. She has a 10-year-old son and goes to the program in search of a truth, as a result of this doubt that torments her to know if he is the father of the child”, said the host of “Andrea”, who assured that a journalistic team from her program arrived in Aguaytia (Pucallpa) to investigate the case.

“Dayanita has undergone a DNA test and tomorrow (Monday) we will hear about the story. Not only because she knows the truth of this doubt that torments her, that does not allow her to live in peace; but not only that. We are also going to rebuild these past affections “added Andrea Llosa.

As it is remembered, a few years ago Dayanita revealed that she had a son at age 14, whom the last time she saw was in 2019. Later, she was never able to establish contact again because the family of the child’s mother refused to allow her to see him. .

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“They thought I wanted to take it away from them. The truth is that I don’t want to take my son away from them. All I want is to see him, hug him and give him all my love ”, Dayanita told “Reporte Semanal” in 2019.

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