Days of Gallos premiered on HBO Max: Who are its protagonists?

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Today he finally disembarked Days of Roosters on HBO Max to share with all Latin America this story full of freestyle. Created by Lucas Jinkis and Hernan Guerschunny, the series features 10 episodes 45 minutes approximately. Of course, in all of them the protagonist is the song, while exploring topics such as the search for identity, the diversity and the competence. Everything with a cast that is worth knowing a little more. Check out the preview here!

Days of Roosters It was written by Joaquín Bonet in authorial collaboration with Sofia Whilhelmi, while Joaquin Cambré He was responsible for the direction. In the leading roles, they shine Ecko, Ángela Torres and Tomás Wicz, while the cast is completed with actors such as Carlos Portaluppi, Delfina Chaves, Julieta Zylberberg, Paola Barrientos, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Laura Cymer, Franco Rizzaro, and freestyle rap artists like Klan, Stuart, Roma, Cacha and Tata. Do you want to know more about its protagonists? Here we tell you.

+ Who are the protagonists of Días de Gallos?

3. Thomas Wicz

An actor from a very young age, empowered by his artist family, Tomás excelled in works by theater independent and participations in TV. However, the song plays a more than important role in your life. And it is that the interpreter that today gives life to Andy, participated in musical comedies, at the same time that he created his own project as a singer-songwriter. With Dove Servén integrates the duo Clay that in 2020 he released his first EP.

2. Angela Torres

Since she was 12 years old, the Argentine actress has been part of numerous plays, films, television programs and reality shows. And even though the performance is one of his best talents – as demonstrated by the character of Rafaela– the truth is that now she is also focused on her own song. On Spotify, accumulates millions of views with your EP called The Fire Girl.

1. Ecko

Since cockfighting became so important, mainly in Spain and Latin America, dozens of artists grew by leaps and bounds. Ecko he is a witness to it: his real name is Ignacio Matías Spallati and, after participating in major competitions such as The Fifth Step, He knew how to make a place in the world of freestyle. His talent and charisma led him to conquer a loyal audience that enjoys his music, as well as the HBO Max production that called him to work as Lion.

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