DC Reveals Zatanna Black Label Series

By: Brittany Stallman

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DC Reveals Zatanna Black Label Series

DC Comics has recently announced an exciting addition to their Black Label series with the upcoming release of “Zatanna: Bring Down the House” on June 25th. This new series, targeted for mature audiences (17+), will feature the talented writer Mariko Tamaki, known for works like Detective Comics and Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, collaborating with artist Javier Rodríguez, who has worked on titles such as Batman: The Brave and The Bold and The Dreaming: Waking Hours. Together, they will take Zatanna Zatara on a thrilling adventure in Sin City.

Zatanna’s Vegas Adventure

In this new DC Black Label series, Zatanna Zatara, the renowned magician and member of the Justice League, finds herself as the star performer in a less-than-glamorous hotel and casino off the Las Vegas strip. Despite offers from more upscale venues, Zatanna prefers to stick to her stage act, avoiding real magic due to a traumatic childhood incident. However, her world is turned upside down when a demonic entity emerges on her stage, forcing her to confront her magical abilities and past.

Mariko Tamaki expressed her excitement about working on this project, highlighting the focus on Zatanna’s character in this unique storyline. Artist Javier Rodríguez also shared his enthusiasm for delving into the world of Zatanna, emphasizing the joy of exploring the intricacies of comic storytelling with such a compelling character.

The Unveiling of “Zatanna: Bring Down the House”

The first issue of “Zatanna: Bring Down the House” will feature a main cover by Rodríguez, along with variant covers by acclaimed artists like Jorge Jiménez, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Artgerm, and Mikel Janín. Fans can pre-order the series starting on March 15th through their local comic book shops, ensuring they don’t miss out on Zatanna’s thrilling escapades in Las Vegas.

Zatanna’s Evolution in DC Comics

As Zatanna steps away from the world of traditional superheroes and embraces her magical talents on a different stage, readers can anticipate a fresh perspective on this iconic character. With a rich history spanning 60 years in the DC Universe, Zatanna continues to captivate audiences with her mystique and prowess in the realm of magic.

Stay tuned for the release of “Zatanna: Bring Down the House” this summer, as DC Comics invites fans to join Zatanna on a spellbinding journey filled with mystery, danger, and the allure of Las Vegas.

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