“De Vuelta al Barrio”: Erick Elera made a new appearance in the series as Oliverio on stage with his daughter Flavia | VIDEO

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Some days ago, Erick Elera He surprised with a small appearance in “De Vuelta al Barrio” with his character Oliverio Mayta speaking on a telephone link with Fideíto Parodi (Daniel Menacho), who is now in charge of the winery that he previously managed.

Fans of the television series that airs on América Televisión were thrilled with his reappearance and started the rumors of his possible return. And so it was, the actor officially returned on the recent episode of DVAB and he did not do it alone, but arrived with an unexpected companion.

The images issued last Monday night show Oliverio arriving in the San José neighborhood and due to the change of time that the scriptwriters made in the production due to the pandemic, He does not recognize the place very well or the neighbors who now live there.

As he walks the streets, he meets Susana Chafloque (Magdyel Ugaz), ‘Pepo’ Bravo (César Ritter) and Edmundo Ganoza (Paul Vega), who recently entered, and greets them very kindly, but all are surprised by their presence.

Seeing no familiar faces in the neighborhood, Oliverio is about to leave when he is approached by a girl. “Hey, I do remember you”, says the little girl whose name would be Asha. This character is played by Flavia, Erick Elera’s daughter.

Until now No further details have been revealed on whether both characters will continue to appear in “De Vuelta al Barrio”, but a few days ago, Erick Elera was referring to Oliverio and assured that “He won the affection of the people” and that many wrote to him to return to this production.

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