Dead Space Remake will remain silent until 2022

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The big surprise of EA Play Live 2021 was the remake of Dead Space, a title that had already been rumored, but which was finally made official through a short teaser trailer. Shortly after, the studio organized a streaming to show part of the work they are doing, although they clarified that it is a build very preliminary. From now on, Motive Studios will focus on development, so there will be no more news later this year. The developer has confirmed that they will give more details in 2022.

“We are going to focus on the development of the game and we will take some time to analyze all the thoughts, theories and suggestions that you have shared with us. We are looking forward to showing you how you have helped us shape the game next year, when development progresses. ” The statement has been made through Reddit, where they have also shared a small video in which you can see some scenarios.

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Community support, very important to Motive Studios

According to Motive Studios, it was important for them to present that little preview of what they are developing. “We will continue reading your feedback and expectations for the remake of Dead Space “. The study has underlined that everything shown is part of a build in development, “which means we’re working on things like Isaac’s costume, the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the Ishimura. We are doing it in order to guarantee ”the quality of the entire product.

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Dead Space is a Visceral Games original video game, but the studio closed its doors after the cancellation of its Star Wars project. The responsibility of developing the remake has therefore fallen to another study. Motive Studios, the creators of Star Wars: Squadrons, have been chosen to make this vision come true. It will be out on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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