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Deadpool and Wolverine Projected to Hit $200M at Box Office Opening

It looks like a big payday is in store for Deadpool & Wolverine, as projections are massive.

Box Office Pro reports the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman film at around $175M—$200M. That’s incredible for an R-rated movie.

Deadline suggested a slightly lower estimate, placing it around $160M—$165M, based on data from NRG, Screen Engine, and other box office tracking services three weeks before release. This came after a $200M projection from the service Quorum a few weeks back.

Either way, it’s huge box office numbers. And this might be the shot in the arm that the MCU and superhero movies need to revamp the genre after a lackluster few years.

Currently, the Shawn Levy-directed film has $19M in presale tickets, which is 15% behind Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

All this said, Deadpool & Wolverine is bound to be a hit. It looks like a hit, for sure. After all, with all the excitement leading up to it, how could it not be? Plus, considering the success of the first Deadpool films and the addition of Wolverine, it seems impossible to fail on any level.

The movie was perfected with the stellar team involved. Reynolds wanted to reshoot a part that was bothering him, and his co-star made it happen. He talked about it in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. It involved a scene when Wade comes out from an elevator to bullets flying towards him, and he cuts them down with his sword.

“We finished the day,” Reynolds said. “Everyone was taking all their gear off and getting ready to head back to their hotels. I just, in a cursory sense, said, ‘I wish I had another crack at that elevator scene that we shot earlier today.’ I was realizing what I could have done, the jetlag was wearing off, and I was starting to see it.”

From there, he pointed to Hugh Jackman, who was with him during the interview.

“This guy just fired up the lights in there, asked everyone to hop in the elevator,” he continued. “Their willingness to come back is what really spoke volumes about Hugh. There was not even a moment’s hesitation. Every single one of them — including the crew, lighting, everything — hopped to it.”

In response, Jackman said, “I see it in full bloom. His creative mind never stops and the ideas just keep coming.”

The duo seems perfect for each other. Just today, a clip about their press tour was released, and it’s as hilarious as ever. These two could go on tour as a comedy troupe.

So, get ready for Deadpool & Wolverine when it hits theaters on July 26. It sounds like the can’t-miss hit of the summer (and beyond). Just…maybe leave the kids at home. It’s that whole R-rated thing.

Source: Box Office Pro, Deadline, Entertainment Weekly