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Deadpool & Wolverine Push Kevin Feige to Educate Marvel on a Sex Act

Deadpool & Wolverine Push Kevin Feige to Educate Marvel on a Sex Act

The latest addition to the Deadpool series, directed by Shawn Levy and titled “Deadpool & Wolverine,” is set to hit theaters this month. The film’s red-band trailers have already shown that Disney was ready to fully embrace the series’ bold and edgy content. In one trailer, for instance, Wade’s birthday celebration is abruptly halted by nightstick-wielding villains. Wade confronts them and, with his usual irreverence, quips, “Pegging isn’t new to me, friendo. But it is for Disney.” He then breaks the fourth wall, making it clear that Disney has approved a film that includes such a mature reference. This moment signals to audiences that Levy and Ryan Reynolds are not holding back in pushing boundaries with this new installment.

Kevin Feige, who oversees the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was notably open to the film’s R-rated aspects. In a discussion with Variety, Feige revealed how Reynolds, staying true to his character, made a joke about cocaine during one of the movie’s bumpers. Feige did veto the joke, but not because of its drug-related content; he simply didn’t find it amusing. This anecdote indicates Feige’s nuanced approach to what lines can be crossed in the film.

Understanding the nature of the “Deadpool” franchise, Feige had some enlightening moments with his team. As he shared:

“There’s a line in the red-band trailer — you don’t have to write this in the article, for crying out loud! — about pegging. […] I know what pegging is; it’s in the first ‘Deadpool’ movie. But there were people I work with who didn’t know what it was. I had to explain it to them.” 

This humorous yet somewhat awkward admission from Feige underscores the unique challenges that come with producing content that pushes both tasteful and comedic bounds. As a result, “Deadpool & Wolverine” promises to be both sensational and provocative, maintaining the legacy of the Deadpool series while also navigating the complexities of working under the Disney banner.

Source: Variety