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Deadpool & Wolverine’s Rumored Opening Is Brutal, If True [SPOILERS]

Besides wrecking an iconic comic book movie landmark in Shawn Levy’s upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the footage also confirmed the appearance of an Avengers hall-of-famer and another variant of Wade himself. First, let’s address the giant green rage monster in the room. For some time, fans have hoped there would be an appearance from the Hulk in the movie as a nod to Wolverine’s first appearance in 1974’s “Incredible Hulk” #180. Now, X (formerly Twitter) scooper @MyTimetoShine has backtracked on their initial reports that Hulk would not be appearing in the film, saying, “Actually, nevermind on that. Hulk’s in it.”

Additionally, according to @cosmic_marvel, the footage included a variety of Wolverine variants (including a zombie version) along with the appearance of a masked Lady Deadpool as one of the many multiversal versions of himself that Wade encounters. While there are no reports of her without the iconic red and black headgear, the character’s voice supposedly sounded a lot like Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, which would align with rumors that she’ll be joining the MCU.

For now, we’ll have to just wait until “Deadpool & Wolverine” arrives in theaters on July 26 to learn the full scope of the film’s cameos and surprises. Until then, get the rundown on why we think “Deadpool & Wolverine” is going to blow you away (as if you weren’t already thinking that yourself).

Source: @MyTimetoShine, @cosmic_marvel