Deathloop boasts immersion on PS5 thanks to DualSense; new trailer

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Deathloop is the new and promising bet from Arkane Studios, responsible for titles such as Dishonored and Prey, among others. The game Coming to PS5 and PC on September 14 With the intention of capturing the premiere of the French studio in the new generation, which is why PlayStation has shared a new trailer focused on showing the way in which the DualSense functions are used. In the video, whose name refers to the immersion, you can see how adaptive triggers improve the feedback of firearms, along with other features like speakerphone and haptic vibration.

Deathloop: Arkane’s New Horizon

Arkane is a studio known for the care with which it conceives each scenario; Dishonored and Prey are a good example of this thanks to their complex level design, created to offer an experience in which the player always has several alternatives when dealing with each situation. This time it could not be less, although the great protagonists point in another direction: time loops. “We want to challenge ourselves to find something fresh and try new horizons that improve us as a studio”Dinga Bakaba, creative director of the game, told us three months ago.

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The loops occur throughout four times of the day: morning, noon, afternoon and night. In each round, we are presented with a series of objectives connected by a main mission; When we progress enough to reach new information, it is automatically recorded and we cross it off the list for the next loop. This is something that works in a similar way to the ship’s diary in Outer Wilds.

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Deathloop will be available from next September 14 on PS5 and PC.

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