Deathloop: How much does it occupy on PS5 and when can it be pre-downloaded?

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Deathloop is now on the PlayStation Store. Arkane’s new job, a temporary exclusive for PS5 and PC, has uploaded its installation files to the console’s digital store. According to a popular database, the title will initially weigh 17.32 GB, with a preload that points to as of September 12. In this way, only 2 days in advance would be given, since it is scheduled to launch on September 14. It has not transcended at this time its size on PC, or if it will have a first day update.

We have already seen Deathloop

During the month of May we were able to attend the digital presentation of Deathloop, where we were shown an extensive preview of the elements that we can expect once it is put on sale. From the hands of its main managers we got a better idea of ​​what is expected of the creators of Dishonored and Prey.

“After having seen a new preview of what Deathloop really is, we are clear that its launch will establish one of the most relevant titles of these first generation steps,” we said. “And we are not referring to technicalities, or ways to take advantage of the recently released hardware: we are talking about the playable muscle, this wonderful playable puzzle whose pieces you have to fit yourself, match by match”.

Beyond the playable elements, which you can read in our full trailer, details were shared on how it will take advantage of the PS5’s capabilities. In fact, its director has assured that Deathloop it could not have preserved its ambition in the previous generation. “I don’t think we would have been able to preserve the level of ambition in this game if we hadn’t jumped into the new generation,” Dinga Bakaba commented in an interview with Play Magazine. Among the key factors he pointed to not having to cut or optimize in the same way as in the past.

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