Deathloop repeats the loop in its new gameplay trailer

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The coronavirus crisis has accelerated changes in company communication, resulting in countless events and presentations. The matter has become an endless loop, like that of Deathloop, the new production of Arkane Lyon. The Bethesda video game has not wanted to miss the PlayStation Showcase and has shown news on PS5, although the title will also be released on PC.

The new of Arkane has been seen in a extensive trailer, where we have been able to see some of the main characteristics of the title. You can see it in this same news.

The creators of Dishonored 2 return with an unpublished intellectual property, which derives from their previous project in the fact that its protagonist uses different powers. Cole’s story is tied to the time loop he’s locked in. Day after days in the same prison and with a single goal: escape at all costs. To do so, you will have to eliminate all lieutenants of the island, of course you will have to move fast, because you must complete that task before the cycle restarts.

Escaping will be more complicated than expected

The strategy will be important in Deathloop, since the enemies do not remain static in a specific place, but they have their routines, schedules, etc. In addition, the antagonist is also present and can appear at any time to derail plans. Julianna will get in Colt’s way and will try to protect the loop at all costs. Not surprisingly, the only multiplayer element in this production revolves around this character. A player can handle Julianna and enter other games.

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After a few delays, Deathloop will finally see the light of the next September 14. We will offer you our analysis shortly.


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