Deathloop shows the villain in a new gameplay trailer

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When the day repeats itself over and over again as on groundhog day, there is no other choice but to shrug or fight to break the loop. That is precisely what Colt will do in Deathloop, the new video game developed by Arkane Lyon. During QuakeCon 2021, the creators of Dishonored 2 also took a look at the gameplay of their next video game, although this time they focused on the figure of Julianna, the game’s antagonist. From the hand of the director Dinga Bakaba and the narrative designer Benett Smith, we have the option of immersing ourselves in this universe thanks to the video that you can see below these lines.

Although Deathloop is a solo title, Arkane has experimented with multiplayer. Thus, when starting the game, players can choose between two options, “Break the Loop” or “Protect the Loop”. In the case of selecting the second, we will invade the game of another user and we will embody Julianna: The objective? Prevent Colt from succeeding at all costs in his attempt to defeat all the ringleaders. In this case, the woman only has one life, so it will be important to master the map, the position of the NPCs, etc.

Unknown motivations

Julianna and Colt are the only two characters in the game who retain their memory. Unlike Los Visionarios, his goal is not to be eternally young or immortality, at least not as a main objective. However, Arkane has not revealed his true motivations, so we will probably have to wait until the video game goes on sale.

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Deathloop was scheduled for May, but the studio announced that it needed more time to polish all aspects of the game to the fullest. Therefore, the title will be finally available on September 14 at PC and PS5. Following Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda, Redmond announced that they would honor all previously signed agreements, so temporary exclusivity for Sony’s next-generation console will remain as planned.

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