Deathloop updates on PC, but Arkane continues to investigate performance issues

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Deathloop hasn’t broken the loop of PC problems, at least not yet. And that Arkane Lyon has just published a patch for this platform, which focuses on fixing some bugs. What it does not correct are the visual problems of stuttering, so the study is “Exploring the causes” and actively seeking “potential solutions”. Meanwhile, they have asked users to help test the hotfix and that they contact customer service to collect more information about it.

As explained by the developer, after the application of the new patch, players who experience crasheos they will now receive more information about CPUs that do not meet the minimum requirements. Will also correct a bug related to trophies that are not unlocked and will notify users when they have disabled an extension necessary to run the game.

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Escape from the prison of time

Colt is the protagonist of Deathloop, a character who finds himself locked in a time loop from which he cannot escape. The chances of getting out of the situation are slim, but our protagonist has a plan to break the loop once and for all: kill all the ringleaders before time is reset again. With a play style that emphasizes exploration, combat and stealth, Arkane takes the rules of Dishonored and applies them in a different way.

Deathloop is available exclusively for PC and PS5. Sony signed an agreement with Bethesda to guarantee one year of exclusivity on Sony’s next-generation console. Despite the purchase of the company by Xbox Game Studios, those in Redmond announced that they would respect all previous agreements. For that reason, Ghostwire Tokyo from Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within 2) will also be released first on PlayStation 5.

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