Deathloop will be a PS5 exclusive game until at least September 2022

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We knew Deathloop was a PS5 exclusive game, but the end of the last teaser trailer revealed that the console exclusive will end on September 14, 2022.

Kotaku’According to the news, this will be a year after the game’s release for PS5 and PC. In this way, Xbox Series X/S players can also now owned by Microsoft They learned how long they would wait to play the game made by Bethesda and Arkane Studios.

Considering that all future Bethesda games will be on Xbox Game Pass, it can be thought that Deathloop will one day be on the list of games. Of course, this is possible if the agreements made do not prevent this.

Deathloop was the main theme of the last State of Play, a 9-minute gameplay video of the game was shown. The event also announced a release date, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, Moss: Book 2 and more.

In MRT’s preview of Deathloop, “A Hitman-style game where you don’t jump and hit the target, force him to go to another place and then blow it up is extremely enjoyable. Also, Dishonored’s gameplay where you play a supernatural assassin combined with quality level designs makes Deathloop one of the most exciting games of the year.” he said.

By Adam Bankhurst.

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