Deathloop will be exclusive on PS5 and PC “at least” until September 2022

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deathloop will be exclusive for consoles PS5 until “at least” next September 2022. The latest trailer of the new Arkane Studios title by Bethesda, the great protagonist of the last State of Play held this July, indicates at the end of the same that the work will not reach other consoles until, at least, the next 14 September 2022; exactly one year after the world premiere of the title.

That Deathloop was going to be exclusive to consoles on PlayStation 5 is something we already knew. However, as it happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake —Initially exclusive until April 10, 2021; extended for at least six more months due to Intergrade— Sony Interactive Entertainment may maintain that status for a longer period. The ambiguity of this last message has made Xbox gamers doubt, given that Bethesda is already part of Xbox Game Studios and they hope that Deathloop will eventually arrive on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass; like the rest of the brand’s titles.

When will Deathloop arrive on Xbox consoles? We do not know it yet

Not surprisingly, it is to be expected that from September 15, 2022 (not necessarily that day) we can see Deathloop on Xbox Series X | S consoles. It all depends on how long Sony manages to retain console exclusivity. Phil Spencer himself posted on his personal Twitter account on July 8, prior to the State of Play celebration, he was excited about Arkane’s work on Deathloop; a message that can be read between the lines that does not forget the game, which sooner or later will see the light in the ecosystem of the North American firm.

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The temporary exclusives on consoles they are being a constant during this generation; mutually. From Chicory: A Colorful Tale on PlayStation to Tunic on Xbox, through Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch, the large hardware manufacturers are aware that this strategy is a fundamental aspect to arouse the desire to buy the consoles involved.

Deathloop will make us travel to the time loop in which Colt is immersed, protagonist of the new adventure from Arkane Studios, from the September 14, 2021 on PS5 Y PC. In MeriStation we have already been able to see in depth this new IP from the creators of Dishonored. We tell you everything here.

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