Deathloop’s 2nd major update has been released

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DeathloopThe second major update has been released. The new update addresses some of the biggest concerns of players. The update focuses on hostile AI, UI issues, sound and other elements.

Colt players can no longer wait for Julianna in the game’s starting tunnels. If the Colt player hides in the tunnels that connect each region of Deathloop’s map, the player’s location will be automatically marked and the tunnel doors will open automatically.

Enemy NPC behavior has also been significantly improved. NPCs will now respond more quickly to other NPCs killed nearby, bullets grabbing their heads, and footsteps.

NPC Behaviors

  • NPCs will now react to projectiles passing close, such as missed headshots.
  • NPCs will now react when another NPC is assassinated soon.
  • NPCs will now hear better and react more quickly to nearby footsteps.
  • NPCs will no longer take cover if the player is too close while under fire.
  • NPCs will now be able to guess where grenades are thrown from.
  • NPCs will no longer stop killing Colt when Julianna uses the Nexus to connect Colt to NPCs.
  • Interrupted aerial assassinations will no longer cause NPCs to take almost no damage.
  • Many minor bugs have been fixed and NPC behavior, reaction, pathing attributes and locations have been improved.
  • Charlie Montague will no longer get stuck on the wall or floor if kicked using Shift.

Improvements that make gameplay and Usability easier

  • Added custom button assignments, left and right stick reversing features.
  • UI buttons, text in the settings menu and selectable areas are now larger.
  • [PS5] Added field of view and motion blur options.


  • When Colt leaves the game, player-controlled Julianna will be deemed the winner.
  • AI-controlled Julianna will now respond more to Colt’s movements.
  • Colt will now take a little longer to sneak into the antenna it needs to leak to escape.
  • AFK players will be flagged.
  • Colt players who linger in Colt’s tunnels too long will be automatically marked and tunnel doors will open.
  • You have a higher chance of invading your friends list who play in “Online” mode.
  • Strelak Sapper Charges thrown by NPCs attacked by Julianna will no longer spawn fake Colt marks.
  • Players will now properly hear the opposing player’s audio responses during melee.
  • Strelak Sapper Charges will now stick to Julianna as they stick to other NPCs.
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User interface

  • The UI will now be clearer when dealing with Residuum loss on deaths.
  • Improved the appearance of weapons and other items in the Loadout UI.
  • The UI dashboard will now properly display keyboard shortcuts and control updates.
  • The game will now stop completely on the end game screen.
  • Melee will now display correctly while in weapon loop on the controller (Y).
  • The reticle will no longer disappear when the player is close enough to assassinate the NPC while zooming in and aiming.
  • The Heritage Gun’s reticle will now display the pellets increased by the Scattergun perk.
  • [PC] Players will no longer be prompted to confirm the changes if no changes have been made to the visual settings.
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where mouse wheel sensitivity would drop excessively when zooming in or out while viewing a weapon in the Loadout UI.

Various Gameplay Updates

  • Extra Slab upgrades are now converted into collectible Residuum items.
  • In Karl’s Bay, Harriet and her followers will no longer be able to shoot Colt through the closed security gate into Harriet’s office.
  • A specific window in Hangar 2 in Karl’s Bay has been reworked to keep up with its original function.
  • Strelak Sapper Charges can no longer be thrown, causing the player to pass through doors or other surfaces.
  • Kicking a Strelak Sapper Charge while it is “pinned down” will no longer cause the Charge to explode and subsequent Charges to disappear when cast.
  • Turret placement can no longer be used to allow the player to pass through doors or other surfaces.
  • Occult antennas will now give clearer visual and audible feedback on leaching states.
  • Fixed a bug where Colt was holding 2 guns in the same hand after a reprise, or holding one gun in his left hand instead of his right hand.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from reloading the original weapon when reloading, switching to a different weapon using the same ammo type and returning to the original weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Hackamajig from being automatically blanked when first picked up.
  • Fixed a bug where a player using the Shift Slab to reach a ledge would get stuck on the ledge instead of triggering the jump action and raising it above the ledge.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2-bit interactions to not work normally.
  • Fixed a bug where some infiltrating doors could not be opened if kicked while infiltrating.
  • You will no longer have multiple turrets in the same spot.
  • Fixed a bug where Fia’s large bunker doors were closing on players and preventing them from leaving the area.
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Graphics and Sound

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s machete was destroyed during an assassination animation.
  • Fixed some bugs related to FSR integration and made general improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where a jammed weapon would disappear during the jam fix animation.
  • Fixed bugs related to DLSS and ray tracing graphics options that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed several minor visual bugs including indirect lighting related bugs.
  • Fixed or improved many audio details and timings, including some improved voiceovers.
  • Extensive improvements have been made to the audio mix quality.
  • Graphs will no longer appear incorrectly if a sensor instantly closes the opened door after a door has been opened.
  • If the turret’s battery was destroyed, the turret indicator lights will no longer work.
  • Enemy/ally indicator lights on Field Nullifiers will now be consistent with turrets.
  • Fixed a bug where disabled turrets would sound as if they were placed when thrown or dropped.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused closed doors to appear open.

Achievements, Trophies and Feats

  • Fixed a bug that rewarded Julianna with extra trinkets.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Ensemble Tragedy” achievement from working properly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Julianna from earning the Double Vision feat when Colt was assassinated while disguised as a Visionary.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Julianna players to gain the Sorceress feat despite using a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that counted Colt’s own deaths to Julianna’s gunshots for the “Don’t Mind Me” achievement.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when using Strelak Verso.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if Colt dies as soon as the cinematic starts.
  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused the game to become unresponsive when exiting the Journal.
  • [PC] Fixed a bug that could cause the game to become unresponsive when assigning buttons from keyboard to controller or vice versa.
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Link Updates

  • Fixed a bug where the Julianna player could drop the first weapon received when picking up multiple weapons at once.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Julianna player’s quest result screen and progress to be skipped if the player entered Invasion matchmaking directly after breaking the cycle with Colt and watching the contributors part.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the “Network connection to the server failed” message to remain on the screen after the problem was resolved.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Julianna to briefly fall before she could revive in mid-air.
  • Fixed a bug where Karnesis’ VFX were not visible from Julianna’s perspective when used on an NPC.

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