Decisive moments in the search for Guadalupe: the Police mounted a bolt operation in the neighborhood where the girl lives

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Decisive moments in the search for Guadalupe: the Police mounted a bolt operation in the neighborhood where the girl lives

Eight days after his disappearance, there is still no news about the whereabouts of Guadalupe Lucero, the 5-year-old girl who was last seen in the 544 Viviendas neighborhood, located south of the capital of saint Louis. There a operating bolt, which had a strong police presence and had its epicenter in the aunt’s house of the minor.

The mother of the little girl assured that she received a call and said she had heard her daughter’s voice, the investigators suspect that the next few hours will be essential for the resolution of the case.

In compliance with an order of Ariel parrillis, in charge of Criminal Court No. 2 of San Luis investigating the case, the provincial police deployed a special operation in a radius of several blocks around the place where the girl was last seen, on Monday the 14th.

Cameras TN present at the scene recorded the magnitude of the procedure: on every corner, for several blocks around, there were between six and 10 policemen.

It is the first time since the disappearance that a police deployment of these characteristics has been observed. The bolt operative comprises the house of Georgina, the girl’s aunt: there Guadalupe was celebrating a family birthday when someone, suddenly and without anyone noticing, he took her. A few blocks away, the little girl lived with her parents and Benjamin, her 9-year-old brother.

The procedure ordered by Criminal Court No. 2 surprised the residents, who since 4.30 on Tuesday were forced to leave their vehicles outside the margins set up by the police, and enter their homes on foot.

The untimely nature of the operation and its magnitude, exhibited by the dozens of agents of the San Luis Police, the Canes Division of the DG-12 Special Units and Volunteer Firefighters personnel, increased the expectation of having news about the girl and that one of the keys to solving the case is in the same neighborhood.

“I hope they find it today”, pointed to TN a neighbor who was allowed access to his home by the police stationed at the site once he exhibited his DNI.

A birthmark and a chipped tooth, the particular signs of the girl they have been looking for a week ago. (Photo: Missing Children Argentina).

Guadalupe Lucero’s mother said she received a call and heard the baby’s voice

The mother of Guadalupe told the authorities that got a call with a “proof of life” and assured that he heard his daughter’s voice.

The information was confirmed by sources of the investigation to, although they could not give certainty that what the woman has heard is the voice of the girl. At the moment, they investigate all the phone records that made contact with the family phone.

It is not the only clue of the case that emerged in the last hours. Before, made known the chats that the family received from a telephone with Mexican characteristics where they assure that the girl is kidnapped and even propose a delivery date.

The first of the chats the family received, through WhatsApp, said: “Do you want to return to Guadalupe alive?” The message arrived at 2.16 on Tuesday at Yamila Cialone, Guadalupe’s mother, and fed the so-called “international clue” about the disappearance of the girl.

Although the researchers are cautious and do not yet refer to the novelty as a certain clue, it is already part of the cause and is the strongest data that the relatives of the unknown girl have to continue clinging to the hope of finding her with lifetime.

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