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Dee Jay Mathis is James Caan’s first and ex-wife. James Caan is popularly known for his role in Coppola’s The Godfather as Sonny Corleone. James Caan performed outstandingly well in that he was a recipient of an Academy Award and was also nominated in the category of Best Supporting Actor in the Golden Globes Awards.

Later, James Caan made his appearance in some other exciting films, such as Brian’s Song in 1971, El Dorado in 1996, and Misery and Elf in 1990 and 2003, respectively. James Caan married four times in his life. However, he could not have a successful marriage with any of his wives. Amongst all his wives, Dee Jay Mathis is the first one, which is why the name of her ex-husband often regards her. 

Who is Dee Jay Mathis?

According to the sources, it is known that Dee Jay Mathis was born somewhere between 1940 and 1942 in New York City, United States. Presently, Dee Jay Mathis is in her 80s, and she is better known as the ex-wife of James Caan. Dee Jay Mathis is a popular American actress who married James Cann in 1960.

After four years of her marriage with James Caan, Dee Jay Mathis gave birth to a girl child who was later named Tara A. Caan. She was born on November 5, 1964. However, the marital relationship of James Caan and Dey Jay Mathis could not sustain for long, and the couple got divorced in 1964. Since then, Dee Jay Mathis has been the first ex-wife of James Caan. 

Dee Jay Mathis Age

The real age of Dee Jay Mathis is not known. However, from the sources, it is concluded that the American actress was born between 1940 and 1942, and as of now, Dee Jay Mathis is in her 80s.

Unlike her ex-husband, Dee Jay Mathis is still alive and living a sorted and peaceful life. To date, she is referred to as James Caan’s first wife even though the couple got divorced mutually in 1966.

Dee Jay Mathis Personal Measurements 

Dee Jay Mathis is now in her 80s and into old age. Even though Dee Jay Mathis is in her 80s, Dee Jay Mathis has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches, which is 1.65 meters. Also, Dee Jay Mathis weighs 64 kgs, which is 141 lbs.

As per the reports, Dee Jay Mathis is absolutely fine and healthy. There is no information about her being ill or sick in any manner, and she is happily enjoying her life as a single woman. 

Dee Jay Mathis Nationality and Ethnicity 

Dee Jay Mathis was born in America. However, no information about her parents, early life, childhood, or education is available.

This is the reason that the actual ethnicity of Dee Jay Mathis is not known.  Since there are no records to get information about Dee Jay Mathis’s parents and who they were, it is difficult to conclude Dee Jay Mathis’s descent.

Dee Jay Mathis Husband 

Dee Jay Mathis’s marriage to James Caan rose her to popularity and fame. American actress Dee Jay Mathis married James Caan in 1960, and the couple gave birth to a daughter four years later in 1964. However, they could not maintain a healthy marriage are were then divorced in 1966.

Since then, it has been unknown whether Dee Jay Mathis entered a relationship or not. However, her ex-husband James Caan indeed got married thrice after divorcing Dee Jay Mathis. James Cann had his second marriage with Sheila Marie Ryan and divorced his second wife a few years after marriage. Then, he married Ingrid Hajek and Linda Stokes and had four more children. But, none of his marriages could sustain in the end.

Dee Jay Mathis Profession

Dee Jay Mathis is a famous American actress. She was a renowned public figure, and she made her appearance in the movies The Passy (1964) and Frankie and Johnny (1966). 

In Frankie and Johnny, she appeared as Earl Barton Dancer, and her role was liked by the public. However, after getting divorced, she kept her life private; thus, her current profession is unknown.

Dee Jay Mathis Children 

Dee Jay Mathis tied the knot with the prestigious and famous American actor James Caan in 1960. She later gave birth to a baby girl, Tara A. Caan. After that, Dee Jay Mathis and James Caan separated in 1966 and began living separately.

After that, there is no news of her marrying any other man. Hence, Dee Jay Mathis has only one child, that too, with her ex-husband James Caan.

Other Facts About Dee Jay Mathis 

  • During her relationship with James Caan, Dee Jay Mathis often appeared on red-carpet events with the actor.
  • When Dee Jay Mathis was in her 30s, she preferred to have a short hairstyle.
  • For the time that Dee Jay Mathis was married to James Caan, she always lived a lavish life. It is also said that during that time, the actress always wore trendy clothes and dresses.
  • Dee Jay Mathis decided to maintain absolute privacy in her life after she was divorced in 1966. As of now, she is not found active on any of the social media platforms. 
  • Dee Jay Mathis becomes so popular and famous because of James Caan. James Caan had a high fan following, and Dee Jay Mathis got all the social importance when she was in a relationship with James Caan.
  • Dee Jay Mathis also attended the Golden Globe Awards with James Caan when she married him.


American actress Dee Jay Mathis is in her 80s as of now and residing happily in America. It is likely the possibility that she is single and not committed to anyone.

Her marriage with James Caan rose her to fame and after her divorce in 1966, the actress decided to lead a simple and private life. It is the reason that not much information is known regarding her present life, her parents, her education, and her childhood. 

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