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Deep Purple Releases Video for New Song 'Lazy Sod'

Deep Purple Releases Video for New Song ‘Lazy Sod’

Deep Purple has unveiled a video for their new song “Lazy Sod,” which is part of their upcoming album titled =1.

This album follows their 2021 covers collection Turning to Crime and marks their first release with guitarist Simon McBride, who took over from Steve Morse two years back. “Lazy Sod” is the third single from this album, after “Portable Door” and “Pictures of You.”

The 13-track album, =1, is set for release on July 19. You can find the track listing and watch the “Lazy Sod” video below.

Singer Ian Gillan shared some insights about the new song in a statement. “Recently, a young journalist asked me how many songs I had written in my life,” Gillan said. “I replied that the last time my assistant counted, 20 years ago, it was over 500. I felt quite accomplished – until she pointed out Dolly Parton’s 5,000 songs, calling me a lazy sod. I couldn’t help but agree and wrote down the exchange in my notebook.”

Deep Purple’s label earMusic commented that =1 “embodies the essence and attitude of their 1970s incarnation possibly more than any other album in recent memory.”

With Bob Ezrin once again taking on the role of producer, earMusic added that the record captures the band’s pioneering sound without relying on nostalgia.

The title =1 represents the idea that in a complex world, everything eventually simplifies to a singular, unified essence. “Everything equals one.” The full meaning of the title will be revealed over the coming weeks, with the album’s artwork also playing a significant role. This has led fans into a frenzy of speculation, especially after mysterious equations and depictions of multiverses were seen in cities like London, Paris, and Berlin.

The band is also set to join Yes for a North American tour beginning on August 14.

Deep Purple, ‘=1’ Track Listing

1. “Show Me”

2. “A Bit on the Side”

3. “Sharp Shooter”

4. “Portable Door”

5. “Old-Fangled Thing”

6. “If I Were You”

7. “Pictures of You”

8. “I’m Saying Nothin’”

9. “Lazy Sod”

10. “Now You’re Talkin’”

11. “No Money to Burn”

12. “I’ll Catch You”

13. “Bleeding Obvious”

Source: earMusic