Deezer lets you transfer music much easier

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Music applications are among the most used on smartphones. It is difficult to find a phone that does not have one installed and among all the options that you can download Deezer may be one of them. But of course, downloading a new app means that you have to pass all the data from another app to this one, but don’t worry if that’s the case because luckily Deezer lets you seamlessly transfer your playlists to other programs.

Skipping songs was never so easy

One of the things that no user pays for when it comes to using an app is that it can crash. Of course this happens, but at least you have to have a ‘safeguard’ when this happens. And it is that in the case of Deezer they have reached a point where they have thought about their users and that they may want to transfer their songs quickly and easily to other similar services.

Its function is called Transfer Playlist And, as the name suggests, it will help you to pass all the songs that you have in your playlists and want to pass. This feature can be used from the web or mobile device and everything is as simple as going to the configuration part and clicking on Transfer favorites. Then you will have to decide the service to which you are going to send it, something essential for the application to know the account and app to which it is going to send your data from which you can choose Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, YouTube Music o Amazon Music among many others

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The process only lasts a few minutes and, in case you wonder, in addition to the function on the web, you have the possibility of using the option in both the Android and iOS app, so there is no excuse not to go from a music app to another whenever you want. That way, it will take away a lot of the task of searching for each song one by one and creating all the playlists from scratch, which is a relief considering that some will have up to 100 songs.


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