“Defender of Mariana Levy’s Estate Executor Sends Message to Youngest Son: A Personal Account”

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Mariana Levy’s Friend Defends Executor Carolina Capilla

Daniela Leites, a close friend of the late actress Mariana Levy, has come out in defense of Carolina Capilla, the executor of Levy’s estate. She affirms that Capilla is managing the legacy of Talina Fernández’s daughter in a safe manner and that it will be delivered to Levy’s children — María, Paula, and José Emilio — at the specified time and according to Levy’s instructions.

Recently, Paula and José Emilio expressed their frustration that their sister, María, had prevented them from receiving part of Levy’s inheritance. Leites responded to these statements in an interview with the Ventaneando program.

Capilla Praised by Leites

Leites praised Capilla as one of the most intelligent and impeccable women she knows. Levy had spoken highly of Capilla before her death, telling Leites to talk to her if she ever had a serious problem and did not know what to do. Leites echoed this sentiment, saying that Capilla had been a precious woman, close to her and the children.

Leites added that Capilla was defending the rights of the children and trying to ensure that they were protected, cared for, and educated.

Disappointment in José Emilio’s Statements

Leites admitted that she was surprised and disappointed by José Emilio’s recent statements against his half-sister. She noted that there can be a lot of misunderstandings and gossip around such situations, which can tarnish the name and image of people and families.

Hopes for Children’s Maturity

Leites expressed empathy with José Emilio and expressed her hope that the children would know how to value what their mother had left them. She stressed that she wants them to have the maturity to receive their inheritance and use it for good and their future.

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