“Del Moro Gears Up for Thrilling Drive with a Star-Studded Guest List – Susana, Mirtha, and Suar’s Attendance Confirmed, Brace for Unexpected Twist”

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Santiago del Moro to Host the Martín Fierro 2023

Santiago del Moro is preparing to host the Martín Fierro 2023, it will be the first time it has hosted the ceremony – Credits: @santidelmoro

Telefe to Transmit the Martín Fierro Awards

Next July 9, Telefe will once again be in charge of the party and the transmission of the Martín Fierro awards for the best of the television of 2022. It will be the fourth installment in a thread that the Martínez channel will broadcast. He did it in 2018, 2019 and 2022. In 2020 and 2021 there was no award due to the pandemic.

Luis Ventura to Announce Nominees

The shortlists were going to appear on the A la Barbarrosa program, but finally Luis Ventura will announce the nominees next Wednesday, June 21 in Cortá por Lozano. The change of decision was governed by the Ibope forms. Lozano doubles Georgina’s audience almost every day.

Santiago Del Moro to Host Solo

Less than a month before the party, Telefe confirmed that Santiago Del Moro will be the host of this special night, which will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero. It is the first time that he will be in charge of the most important event on Argentine television. The other novelty is that he will do it alone. There will be no double. Surely, Del Moro will receive more than one statuette during the night as a result of the event that meant Big Brother.

Supporting Cast for the Event

As LA NACION learned, Del Moro will have the leading role, but in different functions he will be escorted by Iván De Pineda, Sofia Martínez -who stood out in the coverage of the World Cup in Qatar-, Wanda Nara, Robertito Funes Ugarte and Vicky Xipolitakis. There were many versions around driving. From Telefe they confirm that they will have the presence of Susana Giménez and they are trying to convince her to participate in the delivery of the first shortlists of the night. The diva will attend and, although they do not want to give details, they confirm that she will go on stage. The name of Marley, who is recording Survivor in Colombia, was considered at one point, but was finally discarded.

Scandals and Controversy in the Television Industry

Beyond being a successful year for Telefe, which remained the leader in audience and with extraordinary measurements thanks to the Big Brother phenomenon, It was a complex year in terms of the media. The first scandal arose last March with the complaint and arrest of Marcelo Corazza, winner of the first Big Brother and producer of the cycle. Telefe issued a statement that was read on the prime time newscast. Sources close to the channel confirm that he was finally released. Shortly after and as a result of the coverage that Karina Mazzocco’s program did A la tarde, of the case of corruption of minors that implicated Corazza, the testimony of Lucas Benvenuto against Jey Mammon arose. The next day, Jorge Rial showed the detail of the dismissal due to the driver’s prescription. The driver of La peña de morfi gave some interviews to defend himself and the television channels talked about the issue almost on a national network. Jésica Cirio read a cold message from the production of the cycle in which Jey was not even named and Georgina Barbarrossa joined the leadership of the program created by Gerardo Rozín. Some say that the cycle will be lifted at the end of the year.

Jey Mammon’s Possible Nomination

Almost three months after those scandals, the controversy surrounding the former host of Los Mammones is unleashed again because he could receive a nomination for both La peña de morfi and him for his work as a driver. In a television interview, Jey said that he does not rule out attending the award ceremony if he receives a nomination.

Telefe’s Party Details

Telefe finalizes the details of a party for 500 guests with a three-course menu and a very original dessert – Credits: @FABIAN MARELLI. Telefe works at against the clock to organize the party, which will have 500 guests. A not minor detail is that there are 200 fewer than those of the last edition. They haven’t sent out the invitations yet. Those who attend will enjoy a three course menu with a very original dessert. It was revealed by Del Moro himself. There will be a passion fruit mousse with white chocolate in a can that must be broken by diners, like the famous piñata cakes. The brand new driver is already choosing the looks for the ceremony and plans to have two changes. The red carpet will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be in charge of Iván de Pineda, who has just presented the latest Versace collection with Dua Lipa in Cannes. For his part, Robertito Funes Ugarte will be in charge of the notes inside the room. Abel Pintos will sing the hymn and Natalia Oreiro will do a musical number.

Broadcasting and Social Media Coverage

The awards ceremony will also be broadcast and covered by Telefe’s social networks, which had extensive growth as a result of Big Brother. At this time, the channel is working on putting together a program to preview the celebration live from the hotel. As for the tributes, they do not rule out the possibility of one for the world champions. However, they want to confirm beforehand the presence of a member of the Scaleneta to advance the project.

Celebrity Guests and Nominations

In addition to Susana and the celebrities of the channel, the organizers aspire to have all the top figures of the small screen at the party. They take for granted the presence of Mirtha Legrand, who will compete for a statuette for the special programs she did last year. They also hope to have Jorge Lanata, Guido Kaczka, Darío Barassi and Pampita Ardohain. Adrián Suar confirmed assistance. He arrives that same day from Uruguay, where he stars in the play Immature. With little fiction on the screen, those parties full of actors and actresses nominated for their work are far away. The cast of El primero de nosotros, a fiction that aired on Telefe and Paramount+ last year, will be practically the only award-winning fiction production. Angel De Brito even said that Benjamín Vicuña will return from a trip specifically for the ceremony and with the promise of taking a statuette. Luciano Castro, Damián De Santos, Paola Krum, Jorgelina Aruzzi and Mercedes Funes were also part of that cast.

Marcelo Tinelli’s Absence

There is a top figure who will not be present. It treats of Marcelo Tinelli, that warned that he will be on a trip.

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