Who is Delinah Blake? Here are the Details

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Actor Robert Blake married twice and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. The first one, Delinah was born to him and his first wife Sondra Kerr. The second one, Rosie Blake was born decades later to his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

This article discusses Delinah Blake, Robert Blake’s eldest daughter.

Who is Delinah Blake?

Delinah Blake is Robert Blake’s first daughter. Born in 1966, she is a 57-year old woman, enjoying a low-key life with her family in the United States of America.

Delinah was put into the spotlight after her father’s arrest for allegedly murdering her stepmother and the trials that took place thereafter. But amidst the chaotic trials, she decided to stay away from the public eye which led her to keep everything private after that.

What was Robert Blake’s Controversy?

Robert Blake has been one of the most popular names in the industry known for pulling off great roles in many movies like In Cold Blood, Lost Highway, Money Train, and The Big Noise, to name a few. However, things turned downhill for the actor when he became a suspect in his second wife’s murder.

In 2001, Robert’s second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, was shot and killed in their car. Her dead body was found outside a restaurant in the Los Angeles area. Robert was charged with murder and solicitation of murder. However, he maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings.

In 2005, Robert Blake was acquitted of all the criminal charges. However, shortly after, he was found liable in the civil trial for which the court ordered him to pay a whopping sum of $30 million to his second wife’s family.

The actor’s life was full of ups and downs. He was often the center of gossip following his relationships and marriages. When his second wife was found dead, his younger daughter Rose was only a year old. Rose grew up without her father as he was a part of the murder trial.

After the episode, Robert continued to act sporadically, however, his career never fully recovered. He died recently on the 9th of March at the age of 89.

Delinah Supported Her Father During His Trials

The daughter who was otherwise leading a private life finally became the center of the spotlight after her father was charged with the murder of his second wife. Robert was detained on the 18th of April, 2002. Their security person was also detailed and accused of conspiracy concerning homicide with the witnesses putting their own sides of the story in the court of law.

When her father was serving his term in jail, Delinah was 35 years old. She took the guardianship of her sister and also fought a court battle with her stepmother’s relatives over the custody of her baby sister. It led to a sweet bond between the two stepsisters. Delinah later won the court battle and became Rose’s guardian staying by her side throughout the trial of their father.

Not only had she been the pillar of strength for her family, but Delinah also testified about her adoption of the child in her father’s protected case. Reportedly, she was subjected to rigorous cross-examination by the prosecutor to the extent that even the judge deemed them to be argumentative. Delinah also gave many interviews to clean the image of his father and stated that he didn’t have any history of violence and that he deserved to be treated fairly.

Delinah Blake’s Personal Life – A Glimpse

As Delinah maintains her reputation of being an extremely private person, the details of her personal life remain scarce. Reportedly, she married Gregg Hurwitz and the couple is leading a happy marriage ever after.

Gregg Hurwitz is a popular writer who associates his work with books, comic books, and even screenplays. Gregg has written more than 20 books, most of which have achieved internal and New York bestseller status.

Delinah Blake’s Professional Life

As stated, Delinah works as a professor in a college and resides in Los Angeles. She has kept working as a teacher out of her passion for teaching. She is employed by the psychology department at California State University, Northbridge as a licensed professor. Additionally, she substitutes as a brain research teacher and specialist in SED children and adolescents’ recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, modern communication, delayed gratification, and human sexuality.

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