Dell UltraSharp Webcam: 4K HDR, auto framing and AI for centered maintenance

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The pandemic has forever changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we work, study and interact. In fact, teleworking highlighted the importance of videoconferencing. Fact: Just one week after the 2020 lockdown began, 62 million users downloaded video conferencing apps. This is just the beginning, because by 2026, the video conferencing market is expected to exceed $ 50 billion in revenue.

And in this the webcams play a very prominent role. What the one that has presented the Dell brand.

Dell UltraSharp Webcam

Dell has launched a High-end UltraSharp webcam with an eye-catching cylindrical design reminiscent of Apple’s old but iconic iSight external webcam, but its features are meant to compete with Logitech’s Brio and other modern 4K-ready webcams. Additionally, it is intended to be a more affordable and easy-to-configure alternative to mounting a DSLR camera behind the monitor.

Equipped with HDR digital overlay function, it helps preserve true colors and balance exposure. And 3D / 2D video noise reduction automatically removes grainy images, ensuring it looks good even in low light. The Dell UltraSharp webcam features Windows Hello, allowing you to log in quickly and securely using facial recognition.


Webcam with AI so you don’t get out of focus

The Dell UltraSharp webcam features a Auto Framing feature that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to keep you in focus and centered in each frame, so if you move a little, the camera repositiones so that you do not go out of picture during a video call. But the funny thing is the webcam is not really moving, Instead, it adjusts the image thanks to AI auto-framing software that allows it to track your movements to keep you focused.

This webcam can run without drivers on Windows 10 or macOS computers, but many of its functions are only accessible in Dell’s Peripheral Manager software. The device also incorporates the function Dell Express Sign-in to work in conjunction with Dell branded computers, which means that the webcam’s proximity sensors detect your presence when you approach and automatically log you out when you walk away.

The best thing about its design is that it brings a magnetic cap It fits securely on the lens or on the back, protecting the lens when the webcam is not in use.

Magnetic support

Designed for virtually borderless displays, the camera features a magnetic mount that attaches to its chassis without the need for additional tools and sits on top of your monitor “without blocking a single pixel.”

And to show its versatility, the cam gives you a choice between three preset fields of view:

90 ° default view to show more of the background

78 ° view for the midrange

65 ° view for close-ups.

You may customize your video with configuration options that control HDR, autofocus, 5x digital zoom, AI autoframing, brightness, sharpness, contrast, and saturation. But it should be noted that the camera does not have a built-in microphoneDell’s own decision to focus primarily on the optics – so you need your own mic, either a headset or via USB.


Already on sale from today globally, the Dell UltraSharp Webcam is worth $ 199.99, and at the moment we do not know the official price that it will have in Spain.


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