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DeMar DeRozan of Kings Shares Heartfelt View on Kendrick Lamar Friendship

DeMar DeRozan of Kings Shares Heartfelt View on Kendrick Lamar Friendship

DeMar DeRozan is finally returning to the West Coast. The Chicago Bulls have allowed him to depart in NBA Free Agency, leading to his new signing with the Sacramento Kings. While DeRozan had a close relationship with Drake during his time with the Toronto Raptors, his alliances seem to have shifted. Kendrick Lamar appears to have strong ties with DeRozan, known for his exceptional midrange shot.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have a well-known rivalry, marked by diss tracks such as ‘Push Ups,’ ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Family Matters,’ and ‘Not Like Us.’ DeRozan, caught in their feud due to his relationships with both artists, clarified his longstanding, though private, friendship with Kendrick Lamar. DeRozan elaborated on this in a recent statement, as reported by Sean Cunningham of FOX 40 Sports.

“We love Drake, we always did. Kendrick has been a friend of mine, he’s family for a long time, for a while. You know, we’re from the same city. We’re damn near in the same neighborhood. So, it has always been there. It hasn’t always been publicized. But, you know, that’s basically family,” DeRozan stated.

Kendrick Lamar gave DeRozan a notable shoutout while dissing Drake in his track ‘Not Like Us.’ The Compton rapper expressed his happiness about DeRozan returning to the USA and even took a jab at the Raptors and Canada, claiming they didn’t deserve him. DeRozan later appeared on stage at Lamar’s ‘Pop Out’ event and had a brief cameo in the music video for the track.

How did DeMar DeRozan end up with the Kings? NBA Free Agency can be a complex event to follow, given the numerous movements and financial details involved. Ultimately, the Bulls decided it was time for DeRozan to return to the West Coast. The Kings acted swiftly, acquiring him through a sign-and-trade deal that sent Harrison Barnes to the San Antonio Spurs. DeRozan signed a three-year contract valued at approximately $74 million.

DeRozan is a valuable player for the Kings. De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis gain a veteran leader who has experience with deep postseason runs during his time with the Raptors. His skill in both transition and half-court settings will also allow players like Malik Monk and Keegan Murray to thrive as scorers. Overall, this was a smart acquisition for a Kings team eager to experience playoff contention more frequently after ending their drought in 2023.

Source: Sean Cunningham of FOX 40 Sports