Demi Lovato says she gave concert to supposed ghosts

Demi Lovato He captured attention on social networks after he told that he offered a private concert to alleged ghosts, who would have given him a standing ovation after the show.

In an interview with the program “Face To Face With Becky G”, broadcast by Facebook Watch and hosted by Becky G, Demi Lovato spoke about the experience she lived with paranormal beings after she was consulted on the subject.

The singer and actress recalled that the incident took place in an abandoned town called Vulture City, located in southern Arizona, when she was with her team recording an episode of her series “Unidentified with Demi Lovato” on the Peacock streaming platform.

“I think it was a room full of ghosts. We were in search of aliens … We arrived in a city called Vulture City and which is known for the ghosts that inhabit it. We put two of these machines (detectors) in place and I decided to sing for them and they came out when I finished singing … I received a standing ovation from the ghosts ”, contó Demi a Becky.

In a clip broadcast on YouTube we see Demi Lovato with Matthew Scott (the singer’s best friend) and the paranormal investigator Chris Smith, who enter a desolate room and, supposedly, begin to find ghosts, specifically one named Carmen.

However, they do not seem to respond to Demi’s calls, therefore, the two men choose to leave her alone, and she immediately begins to receive the alleged response through a receiver.

After that, Lovato begins to sing her song “Skyscraper” a cappella in a seemingly empty room. Then the device began to sound excessively, to which the singer reacted by saying that they were cheering her on. “It’s the best ovation I’ve ever had”, assures.

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