Demi Rose Glows in Golden Glam for Epic Birthday Bash!

By: Brittany Stallman

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Demi Rose, one of the most popular models on Instagram, celebrated her 28th birthday “dipped in gold.” The star stunned her followers by dressing up in a golden dress for the occasion, consisting of a corset covered in flowers and lace applications. She added an extravagant touch to the look by wearing a massive headdress and branch-like accessories around her hip, which perfectly complimented her net skirt upping the glamour.

The Makeup

The model highlighted her beauty with makeup consisting of a base, blush on the cheeks, highlighter on strategic points, golden shadows on the eyelids, and sparkling lipstick. She looked breathtaking as she celebrated herself in the gold-themed outfit.

The Luxurious Birthday Party

Demi Rose was inspired by Earth’s nature and the color gold to organize her luxurious birthday party in Ibiza. The tables were decorated with flowers, and she shared a cocoa cake with raspberries with her guests. She shared photos with some of her friends, and it racked up almost 100,000 reactions. “I had the most heavenly day. I am so grateful for the person I have become, for all the love and support in my life,” she wrote.

The Rise to Fame

The influencer rose to fame on MySpace for her resemblance to the singer Selena Gomez and later on Instagram. She monopolized the spotlight when she dated rapper Tyga, ex-partner of businesswoman Kylie Jenner.

The Dream

Demi Rose was born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, but moved to Ibiza, Spain, where she enjoys the sea, sunny days, and constantly poses for photographers. In an interview with Radio 1 Newsbeat, she revealed that she always wanted to pursue modeling, and her biggest dream is to be an actress in Hollywood.

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