Denise Richards Opens Up: Reflecting on Her Daughter’s Self-Identity as a Sex Worker

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Denise Richards comments on her daughter’s presence on OnlyFans

In times when much of the exposure of celebrities takes place online, it is not surprising that several well-known faces choose to generate income through platforms like OnlyFans. The actress Denise Richards commented on the use of this space for the consumption of erotic content, after her daughter Sami, the result of her relationship with Charlie Sheen, defined herself as “a sex worker” with a presence on the social network.

“Sami is not a sexual worker,” says source close to Richards

19-year-old Sami launched her account on the platform in the middle of last year and currently charges her subscribers about twenty dollars a month for access to exclusive content, although she does not star in total nudes on camera. Sami made headlines these days after a video of hers went viral on TikTok in which she details her service. However, in the last few hours, a source close to Richards told People magazine that the actress “knows that her daughter is not a sexual worker” and pointed out that the young woman “only says scandalous things” to get attention. “She does not really do any type of nudity, although she attracts people by using the label of a sex worker. She doesn’t even show her skin on OnlyFans,” the same source said. And she added: “Sami has 4,000 followers, so she earns $80,000 a month doing almost nothing and hardly showing anything. She’s just joking with the audience.”

Sami clarifies she is not a porn star on TikTok

Sami herself clarified that she is not a porn star after defining herself as a sex worker. “I’m not a star [pornográfica] and I don’t meet people,” she explained on TikTok on Saturday. “I don’t film myself having sex, I don’t do that. The only reason I said I’m a sex worker is because my main source of income is OnlyFans. And if people investigated, they would realize that there are multiple forms of sex work,” she said.

Parental opposing views on Sami’s decision

In the middle of last year, Sami had caused controversy when she announced that she had opened an account on OnlyFans, a social network that allows monetization of videos and photos that are uploaded with adult sexual content. At that time, the positions of her parents were opposed. Her mother decided at that moment to make a long release through Instagram, defending Sami vehemently. Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, was critical at that time regarding his daughter’s decision and said that he hoped that at least it would not put her integrity at risk.

Denise Richards retorted later, in a clear allusion to the words of her ex in a conversation with Jeff Lewis Live on Sirius XM, stating, “All I can do as a mother is guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own decisions.”

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