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Deon Derrico Allegedly Scams Estranged Son

Deon Derrico Allegedly Scams Estranged Son

Recently, Doubling Down With The Derricos star Deon Derrico is under scrutiny for allegedly scamming his estranged son. The family is already navigating a major life change as Karen and Deon go through a divorce, and these accusations add further tension. Many believe Deon’s past actions are catching up with him, leading Karen to end their marriage.

Despite the upheaval, the Derrico family is making an effort to stay united. The family’s home was sold prior to the divorce, which has made the transition even more challenging. Fans are increasingly suspicious of Deon’s motives as more details emerge, with some labeling him a scammer and questioning whether his luck has run out. Deon has confirmed a new season of the show, but skeptics wonder if it’s just a ploy to maintain ratings. One alarming topic is Deon allegedly ripping off his son, Derron.

During the show, fans witness Karen and Deon raising their fourteen children, but Deon’s eldest son, Derron, is noticeably absent. On Reddit, a user brought up Derron’s backstory, asking why Deon never mentions him and whether he adopted Derron before meeting Karen. According to a mini-biography on IMDB, Derron was indeed adopted, with the bio stating, “Karen and Deon also have a 17-year-old adopted son, Derron Derrico.”

The conversation on Reddit quickly turned to allegations that Deon had financially exploited Derron. Fans pointed out that Deon fraudulently took out loans and credit cards in Derron’s name, which were never repaid, leading to their estrangement. One user compared the situation to Deon’s relationship with another young man named Eric, suggesting Deon has a habit of taking in vulnerable individuals and then exploiting them.

It was revealed that Derron’s birth name was Jasper, and he met Deon while Deon was working as a bus driver. They became close, and Deon adopted him, leading Jasper to change his name to Derron. This pattern of adopting adults has raised eyebrows and led many to feel uneasy about Deon’s intentions.

Derron, now an adult, reportedly still holds a grudge against Deon for taking out unnecessary student loans in his name. In 2014, Deon faced fraud charges relating to real estate but was ultimately cleared. However, Derron, who was 22 at the time, was also part of the investigation and alleged that Deon committed fraud.

Fans on Reddit discussed Derron’s age, noting that he is around 32 years old, which makes it unlikely that Karen is his biological mother, as she would have been too young at that time. Some users remain puzzled over the exact number of Derrico children and who counts as a family member given Deon’s history of adopting adults.

What do you think about Deon Derrico’s estranged son? Do you believe the allegations of fraud have merit? Are you looking forward to more episodes of Doubling Down With The Derricos? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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