Descendants 4 Is Coming With A Boom!! Disney+ Revealed Its Production Status

Descendants 4

The first Descendants film was out in 2015 and was a smashing success for Disney. Since the initial film was produced, there have been two sequels and one animated TV special in the franchise. 

Disney+ now offers every one of these films for streaming. The platform has also dropped big news on the upcoming part.

Disney+ has officially confirmed that production on Descendants 4 has begun. Though some viewers were thrilled by the news of a fourth film, others were perplexed because the original cast has expressed reluctance to return since Cameron Boyce, who played Carlos, passed away in July 2019. 

When is the release date for Descendants 4? Let’s find out.

Descendants Storyline Sneak Peek 

Descendants 4

In modern-day Auradon, the wayward kids of Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and Jafar have a second chance thanks to Ben, the good-natured adolescent son of King Adam and Queen Belle. 

The plot centers on a possible coup in Auradon, which threatens to disrupt the festivities around the birth of a new royal baby. Red and Chloe need to use the White Rabbit’s pocket watch to go back in time and prevent a terrible thing from happening, which would otherwise destroy Auradon.

Descendants 4 Release Date 

It has only been confirmed that filming on Descendants 4 will begin in 2023. There has yet to be a word on when Descendants 4 will be released, and there is little chance that we will hear anything about it shortly. 

Since Disney has released all three of the previous Descendants films in the summer (July/August), a summer release for the fourth film is probably a safe bet. However, this depends on the timing of 2023’s filming start. In any case, we anticipate the release of Descendants 4 sometime in 2023. 

We can only give a release date for Descendants 4 once Disney makes official announcements, but we’ll be sure to update this item as soon as we know more.

Will Dove Cameron be in Descendants 4?

Descendants 4

The movie’s existence was officially revealed during Disney’s D23 Expo last weekend. Dove, Sofia, and Booboo have all opted out of participating in the fourth round.

Nonetheless, China Anne McClain returns as Uma, Ursula’s daughter. In contrast, new characters Red, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe, Cinderella’s daughter, played by Kylie Cantrall and Dara Renée, will take center stage in the picture.

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Whether or not Cameron Boyce’s character, Carlos, will appear in the film is still being determined. An epileptic seizure claimed Cameron’s life just before the release of Descendants 3. 

At the time, he was only 20 years old. Numerous cast members have declared they will not return for another Descendants film if Cameron is not involved. Dove told PopBuzz earlier this year that she would not participate in a Descendants reboot because she did not believe the film would be successful without the original cast members. Therefore, things are different now. The only difference is that we accomplished it.

As you can see, our tale was quite comprehensive. Since Cameron’s passing, several fans have criticized Disney for moving forward with a film. ‘The death of Cameron Boyce makes Descendants 4 awful on so many levels,’ tweeted one user. Yet another voice chimed in, “This has to be a joke.”

Is “Descendants 4” movie in the works?

At the D23 Expo in September of 2022, Disney+ confirmed Descendants 4. Besides Uma, the film will feature two new characters, Red (the daughter of the Queen of Hearts) and Chloe (the daughter of Cinderella). China Anne McClain, who played Ursula’s daughter Uma in the Disney films, is the only returning cast member.

The daughter of the Queen of Hearts, Red, will be played by Kylie Cantrall, and the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming, Chloe, will be played by Dara Renée. The plot centers on a possible coup in Auradon, which threatens to disrupt the festivities around the birth of a new royal baby. Red and Chloe need to use the White Rabbit’s pocket watch to go back in time and prevent a terrible thing from happening, which would otherwise destroy Auradon.

Another original movie from Disney Branded Television, “The Pocketwatch” (working title), will enhance the fascinating world revealed in “Descendants,” a global entertainment megahit franchise that introduced the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s famous classic characters and infamous villains. Seven original songs and classic Disney songs will serve to further the story. Story by Dan Frey and Russell Sommer, directed and co-executive, produced by Jennifer Phang.

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What do the Original Stars think of ‘Descendants 4’?

Dove Cameron, who played Mal, said she has no plans to return for a new Descendants film when questioned by PopBuzz earlier this year. It is the same with the original actors. Therefore I’m going to have to say no. The only difference is that we accomplished it. Therefore things are different now. As you can see, our tale was quite comprehensive. 

‘What happened was so extremely heart-wrenching for all of us and something we could not recover from,’ Dove told HollywoodLife in December 2019. In light of this, I wonder if the concept of doing another film, while nostalgic for all of us and healing in many ways, is also super incorrect.

And I think the lovely thing that Disney has done is that they have provided a safe environment for the cast to be wherever they’re at,” she continued. Everything was canceled after Cameron died away, and we trust that they want what is best for everyone involved. Some viewers are criticizing Disney for moving forward with a film after Cameron’s passing because of statements made by Dove. 

We highly doubt it, but we’ll see. “The death of Cameron Boyce makes a Descendants 4 awful on so many levels,” reads one tweet. A different voice said, “This has to be a joke.”

The Upcoming “Descendants 4” Film from Disney 

Descendants 4

A musical film sequel to the Descendants franchise with the working title The Pocketwatch was given the go-light by Disney+ earlier this year. The new movie-musical will focus on a different group of royal and villainous offspring, though some original cast members will make cameo appearances.

In The Pocketwatch, Red and Chloe, who couldn’t be more different from each other, meet at a major party in Auradon when chaos unexpectedly breaks out. They must work together to use a magical pocket watch built by the Mad Hatter’s son to go back in time and thwart a coup that would have dire consequences.

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The Stars of “The Pocketwatch”

Malia Baker plays Cinderella’s daughter Chloe, while Kylie Cantrall plays the Queen of Hearts’ daughter, Red. Brandy plays Cinderella, and Ora plays the Queen of Hearts. China Daughters Uma (Anne McClain) and Ulyana (Dara Reneé) perform supporting roles for Ursula. Morgan Dudley plays Ella, the younger version of Cinderella, and Ruby Rose Turner plays Bridget, the younger version of the Queen of Hearts. To round things up, Fairy Godmother Melanie Paxson is back. Scripted by Frey and Sommer, Phang will helm the Disney+ feature.

In Pocketwatch, Brandy reprises her role as Cinderella

Descendants 4

Brandy is putting on her ruby slippers once again. The actress and singer will play Cinderella again in “The Pocketwatch,” the upcoming third Descendants film. 

On Instagram on November 21, Brandy expressed her joy at the announcement, writing, “I can’t wait to work with this fantastic crew again on the upcoming Disney Descendants sequel, The Pocketwatch, in which I play Cinderella. My family at @disney and @disneyplus, I thank you.” As the Queen of Hearts, singer Rita Ora has joined the cast.

Although it is situated in the same universe as the original Descendants films, the new film is not a sequel. In a press statement issued in May, Disney stated that the film would be set in “the hostile unorganized region of Wonderland,” the enchanted and enigmatic land made famous by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” 

The film will feature the introduction of Red, the “whip-smart and rebellious adolescent daughter of the Queen of Hearts,” and Chloe, the “perfectionist and athletic daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming.” Together, they use the White Rabbit’s pocket watch to travel back in time to prevent a potentially disastrous event in Auradon, where a coup is underway just as the kingdom is celebrating the birth of a new royal baby.

Descendants 4 Trailer 

There is no trailer for Descendants 4 yet, and we shouldn’t expect one for quite some time. If and when Disney releases a trailer for Descendants 4, we will include it here.

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