Despite everything, Spaniards trust the Ibex 35: it is their favorite index for 2022

Despite everything, Spaniards trust the Ibex 35: it is their favorite index for 2022

Spanish retail investors are optimistic about 2022 and trust in the potential of Ibex 35, according to a study carried out by eToro. Despite the rallies experienced by the national selective after the sharp fall registered in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, 46% of those surveyed place it among their favorite indexes for the next year, above any other.

In this way, the Ibex 35 has captured a higher percentage of positive responses to the question about which index will perform better in 2022, well above others such as the Nasdaq 100, China50 or Euro Stoxx, which are also among the favorites of Spanish investors. The choice of the Ibex 35 is explained by a domestic bias, since investors are more likely to invest in companies they know better and with which they feel more comfortable, they explain from the platform.

By sectors, Spanish investors place their trust in the technology, since 42.3% of those surveyed consider that they will be the companies with the longest journey during 2022 despite the accumulated revaluations. Energy and renewable, ahead of pharmaceuticals and the electric car complete the top five sectors.

At the opposite extreme are the raw Materials, agriculture or infrastructure. However, it is the real estate the one that generates the least attractiveness to investors in the Stock Market: 24.9% will avoid it in the year 2022. The tourist does not generate confidence either and at least two out of ten affirm that they will not opt ​​for it.

“The pandemic interest in pharmaceuticals has increased after the
rapid developments of vaccines against Covid, while the sectors hardest hit by the virus generate less attractiveness. With this vision, the respondents reaffirm their perspective that the trend registered this year in the markets will continue throughout 2022 ”, he says Such Salomon, regional director of eToro for Iberia and Latin America.

Cryptoactives, economy and inflation

According to data from eToro, the strong momentum recorded by the cryptoactives It will continue in 2022. And it is that two out of ten respondents say that they will start investing in cryptocurrencies in the coming months. To these is added the 27.7% that already had exposure to this universe and will continue to do so in the new year. 25.8% respond that they will opt for them based on their behavior.

Regarding the concerns of Spanish investors, the national economy continues to be one of the main ones, while the
forecasts of increase of international organizations have been declining. 36.7% of investors believe that gross domestic product (START) will continue to grow, although it will do so slowly, while 27.7% believe that Spain will be immersed in a crisis.

The inflation, which is generating so many fears in the markets, is one of the main problems in 2022 for 38.7% of those surveyed and 25.5% believe that the price increase will continue next year, but in a controlled way . Only 12% believe that it is a temporary phenomenon that will end in the next 12 months.

Spanish investors also express their pessimism about the problems of power and supplies, since they emphasize that neither
they hope that a solution to these complications will be seen in 2022. The result is overwhelming in this sense: 81.2% of those questioned affirm that the problems will continue next year.

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