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Destiny 2’s new Trials of Osiris matchmaking system will be made easier for some players

In an effort to bring Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris mode to a wider range of players, Bungie has announced that it will shape the mode so that constantly losing players are more easily matched with opponents.

Trials of Osiris is a high-risk, high-reward competitive 3v3 PvP mode where players try to win seven matches in a row. Players who manage to win seven matches without losing will gain access to special rewards in the Lighthouse.

Kotaku Details of this matchmaking change in Trials of Osiris, as reported by This Week At BungiePosted on and after the mod went offline for a while Trials of Osiris’in yenileneceği announced.

The first of these changes will be the addition of “Perfect Matchmaking”, which will match players with a 7-0 score and reaching the “Perfect” milestone against other “Perfect” players. Players will be in this matchmaking pool until the game’s weekly reset.

However, the new “Perfect Matchmaking” may encourage players to manipulate the system by deliberately losing after six wins to avoid entering the Perfect matchmaking pool.

Bungie will also offer a matchmaking aid to players who consistently lose in Trials of Osiris, and these players will be matched with easier opponents until they start winning. Fortunately, the temporary nature of this change will help players who want to play the mod but have been unsuccessful.

Don’t think that players can be Perfect easily.

Bungie community manager Cozmo_BNG said, “We’re enabling matchmaking aids for players who are constantly losing. This temporary help matchmaking will be fixed when players start winning again, so don’t assume that someone could lose a few games and then be easily ‘perfect’.”

Cozmo explained that the new system is still being worked on and that necessary fixes will be made in the future “if needed”.

“We will follow both analytics and feedback and try to balance the matchmaking system based on how players perform in good matches,” Cozmo said.

Adam Bankhurst writes at MRT.

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