“Devastating News for Nacho Palau as Supreme Court Denies Children’s Brotherhood with Miguel Bosé’s Kids”

Nacho Palau has expressed his disappointment in response to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court stating that his two sons and the two sons of singer Miguel Bosé are not considered brothers due to a lack of biological ties. Despite living under the same roof during the time that their respective parents were together, the court emphasized that this circumstance was not enough to establish a legal link of filiation.

In a heartfelt statement, the Valencian sculptor shared, “Finally, my children have not been recognized for what they are from the moment they were born. They have been told that what they live and feel is not true, they have been told that they are not brothers, something terrible.” He further expressed hope that laws could advance and catch up with society’s progress.

The case stems from Bosé’s claim in 2013 that he has “four” children, not just his two biological sons, Diego and Tadeo, born through a surrogate in the United States. Palau, his former partner of more than two decades, also had twins, Telmo and Ivo, through the same technique. The couple ended their relationship in 2018, leading to Palau’s lawsuit against Bosé for custody of their children.

The Supreme Court ruling affirmed that each parent should take care of their own biological children, as determined in 2020. While Palau expressed disappointment, he also maintained that the rejection of his request does not affect the children’s rights or privacy, and they can continue to have a positive relationship with those they have an emotional bond with.

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The decision came as Palau was recovering from lung cancer and landed as he was a finalist in the latest edition of “Survivors.” Despite the ruling, he has spoken kindly of Bosé, stating in the past that “if something happened to me, he [Bosé] would be there” and that the singer “has been very aware of me.”

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