“Devastating setback leaves Sara Carbonero struggling for her children’s well-being”

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Sara Carbonero is not just a well-known journalist, but a mother first and foremost. She cherishes her two sons, Martín and Lucas, and is also a UNICEF Spain ambassador. Although she clearly prioritizes her family, unexpected situations can sometimes arise causing her conflicting feelings.

Recently, Carbonero shared her feelings on a mishap during a recent trip. On her public profile, she wrote, “I have not believed in coincidences for a long time. Today has been one of those days that start off badly because you miss a plane and you inevitably feel like a bad mother, that you don’t get to everything, that you are failing.”

Despite this hiccup, Carbonero persevered to reach her destination, reminiscing on a paragraph from Trías about that “in this life, you have to die several times to be reborn later.”

The fashion businesswoman also shared a video of the beautiful natural scenery during her journey, including Pontevedra estuary and the island of San Simón. In the end, Carbonero reminded her followers to keep a positive attitude and a lot of love, for a new day will shine after the storm.

Although Carbonero spends most of her time with her family, she also finds joy in her work as a journalist and ambassador. She recently celebrated a year of love with Nacho Taboada and has returned home after seven days in the hospital. Carbonero’s positive message encourages us all to embrace life’s challenges and keep moving forward.

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