Development with Vue.js: Seven online lectures about the JavaScript framework

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Anyone who would like to find out more about the JavaScript framework Vue.js and its status quo is well advised to take a look at the Vue Day video-on-demand offer. In cooperation with the German Vue community,, the organizers have dpunkt.verlag and heise Developer This year, for the first time, a one-day online conference on the web framework was held. The event offered a total of seven lectures and five workshops. The participants were able to find out about the new features in Vue 3, testing with the web framework and server-side rendering with Nuxt.js.

  • Hand On: Building PWAs with Vue 3 and Vite
  • Vue 3> Vue 2 + 1: more than a major release
  • More stable Vue applications with Jest and the testing library
  • Broadening your horizons: Vue 3 without the Options API or Vuex thanks to Composables
  • Vue from 0 to 100
  • Server-side rendering with Vue and Nuxt.js
  • Off to the island: the Icelandic architecture with Vue and Eleventy

The conference videos can be viewed via the Vimeo video platform in a package for currently around 60 euros or individually at a unit price of just under 10 euros. Details about the lectures can be found on the conference website.


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