Dexter: New Blood hashtags could hint at the plot of the new season

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Yesterday we could finally enjoy the first official trailer of Dexter: New Blood. Or what is the same, of a first look at the long-awaited rebirth of this popular series, which will now offer us a Season 9 that aims to give the show the deserved ending it never had.

But… What story will this new season tell us exactly? The truth is that, beyond a few small pieces, we hardly know anything. However, users are discovering that there could be clues to the plot in Dexter’s hashtags that have appeared since the trailer’s premiere. Here we tell you all the details about it.

As they explain from Comicbook, the confirmed hashtags with official emojis Twitter include #Dexter, #DexterMorgan, #MichaelCHall, #DexterReturns y #DexterNewBlood, all with a pair of bloody footprints. However, the last two are the ones that could hold clues to what’s to come. Same as the official title itself of the new series / season.

The reason? Dexter will return to action, but also his next potential nemesis. Dexter frequently faced other serial killers throughout the original eight seasons, and Everything seems to indicate that the new series will force him to leave his retirement and face again “Fresh blood”.

And that’s where we have to fix your gaze on some of the new characters that have already been detailed. For example, the character Kurt Caldwell (played by Clancy Brown). We know that it is a trucker from the northeastern part of the United States which has its own local truck stop in town and It has been “established as a beloved leader in the community.”.

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Nevertheless, harbors a secret in his son, that according The Illuminerdi he has “created a lot of trouble” that require their father to use his power to cleanse them. We can only assume that “messes” is a code for “murder victims” and also the meaning behind “new blood”. Will we have a new assassin whose father protects or channels in some way? Fortunately, we will not have to wait long to find out, since Dexter will return to Showtime on November 7, 2021.

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