Dexter New Blood: new trailer and date of the return of the murderer played by Michael C. Hall

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The ninth and final season of Dexter can be seen in a new trailer on the occasion of Comic-Con, thus confirming more details of the plot, its final title and its release date. So much so that Dexter: New Blood (as this new season is known as an epilogue to the original series) the November 7, 2021, giving fans the authentic ending to the story of the murderer played by the actor Michael C. Hall after 8 years of waiting.

Dexter and his new life … peaceful?

And it is that Dexter Morgan lives quietly in a small town to the north called Iron Blake, a new peaceful life away from his past … until everything falls apart, again. So much so, that after making a name for himself in his new community, it seems that the bloody instincts Dexter’s story resurfaces when he begins to witness certain behaviors from his new neighbors.

On the other hand, this new advance lets us finally see more of the new character Clancy Brown (Kurt Caldwell), destined to be the great villain of these new 10 episodes that intend, now, to give a end up of fiction starring Dexter. Remember that Clyde Phillips, original showrunner of the first four seasons of Dexter, is in charge of this long-awaited return.

In addition, returns such as those of Jennifer Carpenter as Debra and John Lightgow as the dreaded Trinity Killer, most likely in flashbacks, although with Dexter you never know … The main cast is completed with names like Johnny Sequoyah, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jack Alcott, David Magidoff , Jamie Chung and Oscar Wahlberg.

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Dexter: New Blood premieres in Showtime the next November 7, 2021, although in Spain it will be issued through Movistar + on a date yet to be specified, although it should not be far from its premiere in the United States.

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