Diaz insists on freezing mortgage payments to guarantee “dignified life”

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Diaz insists on freezing mortgage payments to guarantee "dignified life"

The second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy of Spain, Yolanda Díaz, insisted this Saturday in Valladolid on “freezing mortgage payments before the excessive rise of the Euribor in this country”, to avoid “greater risks” and guarantee “a dignified life”.

Díaz has made these statements in the act of listening that the Sumar platform has held this Saturday at the Fundos Forum Auditorium in Valladolid, which has been attended by several hundred people and many others have remained standing or outside due to lack of space.

The leader of Sumar has argued that one of the greatest difficulties faced by “vulnerable families” of all the Autonomous Communities has to do with the rise in interest rates, whose impact has been estimated at about 260 euros per month that “it is impossible to assume for a family, no matter where it is”, So he believes that “we must act”.

“From Sumar we think that mortgage payments must be frozen now”, and in the face of criticism that this would encourage the non-payment of these charges, he has defended that the last thing a working person does “is to stop paying the mortgage, because that can mean losing your home”.

Díaz has also pointed out that there is “a great pending reform” in Spain that is the tax reform, which in his opinion “is not going to raise or lower taxes” but to avoid “the enormous tax privileges” that some companies have because those who “have more have more to contribute”.

The leader of Sumar has maintained that “talking about taxation is talking about our rights” and has taken the opportunity to thank the effort of professionals in public health systems, education or social services, “who are leaving their skin for this country.”

And he pointed out that there is “a serious social emergency that is called decent housing”, so “it is urgent to advance in the housing law, clearly telling the large funds that they have to make available the housing guarantee for all”, which he has accused of having “benefits impossible to remember”.

In this sense, he stressed that no autonomy has a public housing stock that would not only place Spain at the level of other European democracies, but could also “be a generator of collective wealth and many jobs.”

Likewise, the second vice president has pointed out that at this time of “impossible inflation” it is necessary to unlock “collective agreements to be able to live with dignity” and has spoiled the big directors of the technology companies who speak of the “year of efficiency” when they announce the dismissal of 70,000 workers because “it is cruel”.

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