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Want to enjoy the thrill of a casino but within the comfort of your home? If yes, the much sought-after Dice Dreams is the best choice of game for you. Dice Dreams will make you feel like a high-roller in Las Vegas, where you can also build your own kingdom and play with your friends on Facebook to have an enthralling gaming experience. Developed by SuparPlay, this game is available for Android and iOs users.

This game is very similar to Coin Master. You have your own kingdom to build and protect from the attack of the enemies. And to do this, you are required to roll the rice. This step can earn you coins, allow you to attack the kingdoms of other players, defend your own with a shield, and establish your vicinity. The arrangement of this online game is a blast in totality. Sadly, you can quickly run out of chances. But fret not. You can always rely on Dice Dreams Free Rolls guide to get the dice rolling again and multiply your winnings throughout the gameplay.

What Are Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

This game is about gathering resources, battling with your friends, and building an impressive kingdom from your earnings. When you run out of the rolls to perform these activities, Dice Dream free rolls help you unlock more rolls throughout the game, thus getting you back in it and helping you make your gameplay even stronger.

The developers distribute free rolls regularly over the Dice Dreams Facebook page. Besides this, there are various other ways and means using which you can collect them and strengthen your game.

How to Collect Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

Free Links


It is the simplest and the most common method to multiply your free rolls and strengthen your gameplay. The game developers offer reward links daily. The only catch is that these links expire after a short period, and once they expire, you cannot collect free rewards. Thus, it is vital to make the most of these links at the earliest and enjoy an endless supply of free links. The maximum time for which these links remain active is for two days.

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Daily Rewards

Another medium to get Dice Dreams free rolls is the daily rewards. To get free rewards from the reward calendar, you only need to open the app every day. You will get the daily log-in reward itself in the game. There is an advantage of using this method. Each day, the number of rewards gets bigger. The app offers you different rewards, such as free rolls, coins, and many more.

View Ads

You don’t have to go out of the way to get more free rolls in your gameplay. You can view ads and multiply the rolls. It doesn’t take a lot of time. The ads placed by game developers end in less than a minute. The free rolls by ads are available thrice a day, giving you another opportunity to improve your game.

Invite Your Facebook Friends

How about inviting your Facebook friends and competing against them? Additionally, you can also get free rolls when they accept your invitation. Yes, you heard it right! Each time your friends install this game upon invitation and connect with you via Facebook, you will get free dice rewards. It is a step-wise pattern, which means when your one friend joins the game, you will get at least 30 free rolls.

When your second friend accepts the invitation and joins the game, you will get 40 free rolls. Similarly, when your third friend accepts and joins, it adds your free rolls to a 10, and it becomes 50. The more friends you invite, the more free rolls you enjoy. After successfully inviting your fifth friend, you not only get 120 rolls but some extra coins too.

Gift Rolls to Each Other

Another sought-after method to multiply your free rolls in the gameplay is to gift free rolls and coins to each other. However, this method is a little restricted when compared to others as you can exchange free dice and coins one time daily with one friend only.

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Make the Most of Hourly Rewards

Besides daily rewards, this platform also offers hourly rewards, making it easy to collect free rolls without much effort. Dice Dreams offers free rolls per hour if you are falling short of dice in the slot machine. It means if you have less than 50 rolls, you will get 5 rolls per hour by default. Just have some patience, and boom, you can resume the gameplay with the same excitement. However, once you stoke 50 Roll, the game will stop offering more free rolls.

Participate in Dice Dream Events

Another entertaining medium to get free rolls in your game is by participating in the events organized by Dice Dreams. Using this method you can end your appetite for not only free rolls but free coins too. The game always runs one or the other event for the users, leading you to a better opportunity to get more free rolls.

You can participate in some of these events, complete them and earn a bigger reward.

Build and Strengthen your Kingdoms

You can attain more rolls in your gameplay when you build kingdoms. It means that upon completing building a kingdom, you will get free rolls as per your level. Additionally, you can share the update of completing the kingdom on your Facebook account and earn some more free rolls. Build kingdoms and get rolls in the game.

Complete your Stickers Collections

Another effortless method to multiply the number of free rolls in the gameplay is to complete your sticker collection. Each completed collection rewards you with rolls and other great gifts too. The rare your collection of stickers, the bigger will be your rewards.

Are you wondering how to find new stickers? The drill is simple. The village you are in determines the stickers you are supposed to receive from the chests. It also determines the rarity of your stickers. Golden Stickers are found only in the higher kingdoms, while you can find the remaining ones in other kingdoms. You can also trade normal stickers with your friends at any time and Golden stickers during special Golden Stickers Trading events.

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Get Package

There are different kinds of purchasing packages that come throughout your game if you play Dice Dreams actively. Besides charging for the packages, the game releases some of them daily. Every day, one package comes in the first section, which you can achieve for free.

Do not forget to check every Dice Dreams package. You never know, you can get one for free!

Opening the Game after Some Days

Last but not least, you can open your game after some days and look for free rolls, as they would certainly appear on your screen. When you log in to the game after some time, the game welcomes you with some free rolls and coins that you can use throughout your gameplay.

How to Redeem Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

Redeeming Dice Dreams free rolls is a hassle-free process. All you have to do is to make sure that you have the app of this game downloaded on your Android and iOs device. Click on the free links that you have a collection on the same device on which you have the game installed. When you open the link, it will automatically unlock your rewards.

Dice Dreams Free Rolls and Coins Daily Links

In the other methods, the free rolls will be automatically redeemed on your game’s account.

In the Dice Dreams game, obtaining rolls is the most important thing to keep maintaining a firm grip on your game and competing properly against your friends. All the above-listed methods are definite ways to increase the number of rolls. Use them and have a great gaming experience. Good luck.

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