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Did a Love Triangle Shatter the Family?

Did a Love Triangle Shatter the Family?

Matt Brown has been absent from the show Alaskan Bush People for several years, following a combination of rehab stints and sexual assault allegations. Although the Los Angeles district attorney decided not to prosecute, these controversies led to his departure from the family’s series.

However, there could be more underlying reasons for his issues with sobriety and family discord.

Speculation has arisen about another possible explanation for Matt Brown’s exit from Alaskan Bush People: a love triangle. This theory surfaced from a Reddit thread in the Alaskan Bush People subreddit, where users discussed a potential affair involving Matt and his brother Bam Bam Brown, allegedly with a producer of the show. The thread suggested that much of the conflict between Matt and Bam stemmed from their mutual interest in this woman.

Fans remain intrigued by the off-screen drama. Some Reddit users commented, “Didn’t Bam leave the show for a bit to be with a producer?” and “He bagged the producer from the show and Matt went off the deep end.” Others mentioned, “Bam is still with that producer,” adding that they now live in South Carolina, and Bam flies in for filming.

It’s been almost a year and a half since the show last aired, yet fans still delve into the family dynamics of the Alaskan Bush People.

No official sources have confirmed the story of Matt Brown and his brother Bam Bam involving a love triangle. The known facts include sexual assault allegations from two female producers against Matt. Additionally, strong hints suggest Bam Bam is in a relationship with one of the show’s producers, and they are reportedly living together away from the family’s ranch.

It’s rumored that Bam resides elsewhere in the United States and commutes for filming. However, there’s no confirmation as his “home” has never been shown in any episode.

Matt Brown currently resides in Loomis, close to his family but remains estranged from them. Despite facing recent personal challenges, he appears to maintain his sobriety in his ongoing battle with alcoholism.

What do you think about the alleged love triangle involving Matt and Bam Bam Brown? Could this be the reason behind the family’s split on Alaskan Bush People? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace