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Did Ben Affleck Really Stop Movie Production Over a Baseball Cap?

If you’ve seen the psychological thriller Gone Girl, you know just how intense and gripping it is. I recently re-watched this 2014 hit, and a particular scene featuring Ben Affleck in an airport wearing a baseball cap jogged my memory about an intriguing rumor involving the movie. Specifically, the rumor centers on Affleck, a devoted Red Sox fan, and a Yankees hat.

I decided to investigate this rumor further.

Everyone knows that wardrobe choices in movies can be significant. In this instance, it was rumored that the director wanted Ben’s character to wear a Yankees cap. This is quite the controversial choice, especially for someone like Affleck, who hails from Boston and is famously loyal to the Red Sox.

While the specific baseball hat worn by Ben’s character might not seem critical to the storyline, it certainly created a stir behind the scenes.

So, did a dispute between Ben Affleck and director David Fincher over a Yankees cap really lead to a temporary shutdown of Gone Girl for four days? As with many Hollywood rumors, opinions differ depending on the source.

The website Screen Rant suggests that the story is somewhat exaggerated. They confirm that Ben’s character, Nick, did indeed wear a baseball cap, but it was ultimately a Mets hat, not a Yankees hat. They indicate that while a debate over the cap likely took place, it wasn’t as dramatic as some might think.

On the other hand, the website Sportskeeda asserts that the story is entirely true, claiming that Ben and Fincher eventually compromised on a Mets cap. They argue that the supposed argument did indeed cause a delay in the film’s production.

Personally, I find the dramatic version of the story more entertaining and choose to believe it’s true. After all, I just watched the movie and am captivated by its intense moments, both on and off the screen.

Source: Screen Rant, Sportskeeda