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Did Deon Derrico’s Scams Make Karen Leave?

Recently, Doubling Down With The Derricos viewers have begun speculating that Deon Derrico is manipulating situations to maintain audience interest. Some believe he may be orchestrating events strategically, suggesting possible ulterior motives. This has led to accusations of deception, and many think it might be tied to his split from Karen Derrico.

In the latest episode of Doubling Down With Derricos, the Derrico family ceremoniously bid farewell to their old home. Karen Derrico enthusiastically prepares the children for their relocation to a newly renovated, larger house. She exclaims they are “moving on up” as they transition to a fresh chapter in their new home, which Deon Derrico allegedly “fixed up.”

The notion that Deon Derrico may be involved in another scam has been circulating among fans on Reddit. They suggest that his deceptive activities could be the real reason Karen Derrico decided to end their marriage. One user notes, “New home & the hoax,” pointing out discrepancies in the family’s narrative. The user alleges that the Derricos’ old home had been foreclosed, and they had 30 days to vacate. The post implies that the new home came out of nowhere, questioning how Deon managed its acquisition when he couldn’t keep up payments on the previous house.

Speculation continues with fans suggesting various possible scenarios. One theory is that Deon evicted a previous tenant without Karen’s knowledge, leading to their current troubles and ultimately, the divorce. Others suspect that Deon might face legal issues, referring to tax evasion charges.

Many viewers feel deceived by Deon Derrico, believing his actions are geared towards maintaining the show’s appeal while hiding the truth. One fan expressed concern over the well-being of the children, stating, “I feel so sad about this situation. Those kids of theirs are absolutely precious. I feel like the parents are total scammers. I sure hope I’m wrong.”

Additional comments reflect skepticism about Deon’s true profession. “I think he owned the house they moved to… so the other was being foreclosed on? Not surprising. What does he actually do for work?” Another user responded, “Swindle people and banks.”

Suspicion deepens as more fans delve into Deon Derrico’s business practices. One user discovered that Deon claims to be in real estate management but has had multiple properties foreclosed, mainly for non-payment of property taxes. They suggest that Deon may need to consider a more reliable form of employment.

There’s also talk about whether the Derricos’ move was genuinely an upgrade or a result of foreclosure on their previous residence. Some users firmly believe that the foreclosure led to their immediate need to shift homes, thus raising questions about Deon’s transparency and honesty with his family and viewers. “Exactly! They were working with the bank to prevent foreclosure on their home, but after the mortgage company found out about his other loans he forfeited on, they broke negotiations off and proceeded with selling the home online auction,” wrote one user.

Although Deon Derrico has confirmed that a new season is in production, fans think his schemes are nearing an end. Some even speculate that the divorce storyline may be an attempt to ensure the show’s continuation. Furthermore, they believe that the new house is part of another deceptive plot, and that viewers won’t be fooled for much longer.

What are your thoughts on Deon Derrico being labeled a scammer? Could this really be the reason behind Karen’s decision to seek a divorce? Will the upcoming season reveal the truth behind their disputes? Share your comments below.

Source: Reddit