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Did Kai Cenat Really Set Off Fireworks at Home? Prank Rumors Clarified
Image Credit: Kai Cenat via YouTube

Concerned fans are wondering if popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat lit fireworks in his house after a video went viral on social media. This comes after a recent livestream featuring him, MrBeast, and Cenat’s friend AMP Davis was uploaded online. The trio were in a room completely stacked with firecrackers. The stream concluded with Cenat’s room seemingly getting lit up after Davis lit a firecracker and caused an explosion.

A stack of firecrackers in Kai Cenat’s room was lit by AMP Davis, whom Cenat was scuffling with. This caused an explosion in the room.

Kai Cenat recently uploaded a 55-minute live stream on Twitch featuring himself, MrBeast, and AMP Davis. In the stream, Kai Cenat explained why he had firecrackers in the room. The Twitch streamer then revealed that the firecrackers were for “defenses.” As the stream progressed, he revealed that last year, AMP Davis walked into various people’s rooms and lit fireworks in them. Kai Cenat later cheekily revealed that if somebody threatened him, specifically Davis, Duke, Agent, Venom, or Chris, then he would light their rooms with fireworks.

AMP Davis appeared with a firecracker at the end and chatted with MrBeast and Cenat. The situation quickly escalated after AMP Davis threatened to light up the room with his firecracker and had MrBeast leave. Cenat was annoyed and tried to stop AMP Davis from setting off the firecracker in his room, only to fail. As Cenat and Davis left, the firecracker burst and quickly passed its effect onto the stack of firecrackers in the room, causing an explosion as the livestream ended.

Right around this time, Kai Cenat took to X (formerly Twitter) to put up a post, seemingly expressing his anger and disappointment at the whole fiasco. It read, “IM DONE WITH ALL THIS S**T!!!!! BET.”

The Kai Cenat firework stream was likely a prank. Several fans, primarily Cenat’s supporters, took to X to suggest it was, even posting evidence backing their claims.

For example, one fan, @w7stgoat pointed out that the room in which the shocking firework incident took place was not Kai Cenat’s regular streaming room. He shared two photos online, comparing Kai Cenat’s usual room and the room in which the incident took place.

Another fan, Kinq, posted that Mr Beast and Kai Cenat built a fake room for the fireworks stream.