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Did ‘Love Island USA’ Connor and Cassidy Find Love Together?

Have Love Island USA bombshells, Connor Newsum and Cassidy Laudano, found love together after being dumped off the island? Their unexpected exits from the Villa may have actually led them to their happy endings with each other. Read on for more details.

Season 6 of Love Island USA is filled with drama as the guys head to Casa Amor, testing their relationships back at the Villa. This new twist has shattered some of the strongest romances, breaking hearts both in the villa and among viewers at home. However, some cast members didn’t even make it to Casa Amor to face these risks. Two of those people were Connor Newsum and Cassidy Laudano. Connor entered the show on day 2 as a twist aimed at stirring things up.

Connor initially connected with JaNa but soon moved on to Leah, who reciprocated his feelings but still had lingering emotions for her original partner, Rob. Leah tried to stick with Connor for as long as possible but eventually decided to end things, leading to Connor’s exit from the Villa. On the other hand, Cassidy entered the show on day 13 and quickly connected with Rob. However, her time in the villa was cut short, and when the girls had to choose between her and Liv, they opted for Liv who had been there since day 2. Now that both Connor and Cassidy are free from the Villa, is there love brewing between them?

According to Monsters & Critics, Connor revealed that he and Cassidy have been in touch and things seem to be going well. Connor shared his thoughts on the connection they have:

“She got out and I was like, ‘Hey, so what’s up?’ We’ve been texting and, maybe, potentially making some life plans.”

Though Cassidy lives in Miami, Florida, and Connor resides in Santa Monica, California, the distance has not been a hindrance for their budding relationship. Connor elaborated on their connection during their time in the Villa:

“We had a lot in common. We had a few conversations that were just really easy and we work in the same career field. … We just had a lot of similar interests, love for animals.”

As of now, Connor Newsum and Cassidy Laudano might be the only success story to come from Love Island USA. Other couples have not had the same fortune. Aaron Evans and Kaylor Martin were on a promising path until Casa Amor, where Aaron connected with Daniela Ortiz-Rivera. Kaylor received a video showing Aaron’s interest in Daniela, which led her to end things. Serena Page and Kordell Beckham also seemed to have a strong connection, but Kordell left her for Daia McGhee from Casa Amor. Currently, there are no original couples left, leaving fans curious about what the rest of the season will bring.

Are you happy that Connor and Cassidy found a connection even if it was after their time on the show? Let us know your thoughts and continue watching Love Island USA streaming on Peacock.

Source: Monsters & Critics