Did MGM purposely sabotage Johnny Depp’s latest movie? This is what its director assures

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For some time, the career of Johnny Depp it collapsed to the point that none of the big producers take it into account. This is due to the legal conflict he has with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, after cross accusations of violence and defamation. His last project was Minimata, which It was a critical and box office flop, Y according to its director this happened because MGM Studios sabotaged it because of the actor’s reputation.

It was in 2020 that various companies let go of his hand and no longer want to have anything to do with him. After losing the trial against The Sun, a medium that called him a “wife beater”, Warner Bros. fired him from the Fantastic Animals saga, where he was Gellert Grindelwald, and within a few weeks Disney announced that it would no longer count on him to the next Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Who followed the same steps was the Netflix platform after removing its content from the library and vetoing it from its productions.

There is no doubt that Johnny’s trajectory has taken a negative turn and this was reflected in Minamata, which portrays the consequences of the Japanese company Chisso for dumping mercury in nearby rivers. Director Andrew Levitas sent a letter in the last hours pointing directly to MGM Studios for not releasing the film in the United States: “MGM intended to expose the suffering of the thousands of victims of one of the most egregious industrial pollution incidents the world has ever seen.”.

The statement continued: “By re-exposing their pain by sharing their story, this long-marginalized community hoped for only one thing: to lift the story from the shadows so other innocents would never be hurt like them.”. After these words, he pointed: “Now imagine the devastation when you learned last week that, despite an already successful global launch, MGM had decided to ‘bury the movie’ (in the words of acquisitions director Mr. Sam Wollman) because MGM was concerned that an actor’s personal problems in the movie could reflect negatively on them and that, from MGM’s perspective, the victims and their families were secondary to this “.

Given this, a spokesperson for MGM Studios responded by assuring that the distributor still has plans to release Minamata in United States, but the truth is that a long time has passed and piracy has played its role, making it look illegal by waiting. Although the critics did not accompany Johnny Depp In this film, his fans did, leaving great reviews, despite not having seen it, just as support.

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