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Did The Crown correctly portray the first meeting in Lady Di and Prince Charles?

Since its premiere in 2016, The Crown he knew how to break all the rules imposed by the monarchy. This is because, unlike many other productions, Peter Morgan spoke of the Windsors openly. With four seasons now available on Netflix, the series caused a huge stupor at Buckingham Palace and will continue to do so.

An official release date is still unknown, but it has already been confirmed that the producers are preparing the fifth season of The Crown. And, without a doubt, this will be the edition that most worries the royal family. It is that, without going any further, Morgan will delve into the worst controversies that marked his life: divorces, fires and deaths are some of the details of the new chapters.

Although there is still no official confirmation of what exact points the plot will touch this time, following the chronological order that the strip always had, it is evident that it will now portray from the 90s to the 2000s. In these years, as well as in the fourth season, Lady Diana will once again be the great protagonist of history, just as she was at the time. Not only will she be shown divorced from Prince Charles, but rebuilding her life and probably being judged by the media.

Elizabeth Debicki will be the new Lady Di. Photo: (Netflix)

Although, the tragic moment in which the “princess of the people” lost her life in France will not be left aside. It was August 31, 1997, exactly 24 years ago, that the world was rocked by the news. This car accident in which it was found on Diana’s body was never clarified and, therefore, that remains a thorn in the Windsors, or at least in their two children, William and Harry.

Yet beyond it all, The Crown He did not avoid putting it in his history and showing every detail since his arrival to royalty. In fact, in addition to the coronation of Elizabeth II, the moment in which Lady Di met Prince Charles was one of the events that she best portrayed. Although, it should also be noted that the series, in several parts, has taken certain creative licenses.

The similarities and differences between reality and The Crown of how Lady Di and Prince Charles met:

This is how The Crown relates it:

In the first chapter of the fourth season, called “Protector of monarchs”, Prince Charles starts a new life. After being basically forced to leave his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, he is destined to seek a new love. And that’s exactly where the Spencer family comes into his life.

In 1977 the Prince of Wales was dating Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Diana’s older sister, and it is she who invites him to her home in Althorp. There, the aristocrat invites the heir to the throne for a horseback ride around the property, but when her adventure is about to begin she is forced to take a phone call.

This was the second meeting between Lady Di and Carlos according to The Crown.  Photo: (IMDB)

This was the second meeting between Lady Di and Carlos according to The Crown. Photo: (IMDB)

So, at that moment, is when the very great 18-year-old Lady Di appears disguised as a tree. According to what, at that time, the teenager tells her Royal Highness is that her sister forced her to stay locked up so as not to “ruin the moment.” And, at the end of the same episode, the Prince and the girl meet again in an unexpected way, where she confesses who she is so that he can recognize her.

That is when Carlos de Gales seems to be struck by the sister of his ex-partner and, therefore, decides to contact Sarah to give him information about it. So much so that, later, Diana Spencer’s adventure in the British royal family begins.

How they met in real life:

In 1977 Prince Charles was indeed in a relationship with Lady Sarah, so she decided to invite him to a hunting party in Althrop, the family property. It was there, then, that the son of Elizabeth II first met Diana, who was not disguised and was actually 16 years old. But, back then, nothing happened between them.

According to the story, Carlos at that time was very happy with Sarah, until she supposedly shared her love affair with two journalists to whom she confessed that she would not marry the Prince “whether he was a recycler or the King of England”. And, after reading the article, the heir to the throne decided to cut all kinds of relationship with Lady Sarah.

Lady Di and Prince Charles.  Photo: (Getty)

Lady Di and Prince Charles. Photo: (Getty)

It was then three years later that the Prince met a Spencer: Diana. Apparently, the two coincided at a barbecue generated by Phillip from Sussex, who in July 1980 decided to invite them both. “Some friends asked me to stay with them in Sussex and they told me the Prince was going to be there and I thought I hadn’t seen him in years”, Confessed the Princess at the time.

Then Diana added: “he had just broken up with his girlfriend and his friend Mountbatten had been murdered. I thought it would be good to see it. I was unimpressed”. And, this is how a friendship began that little by little became a relationship and subsequent marriage.

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