Did you know that Samsung can block TVs remotely

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In case anyone was unaware, Google has implemented a technology in its Android operating system that allows it, among other things, to remotely block and / or erase a mobile phone that has been stolen. And even if there is no hope of recovering it and even if it hurts, brick it remotely -that is: disable it so that the thief only has a paperweight impossible to sell because it no longer works.

Windows 10 also has that function for its tablets and computers on which it is installed. And now we learn that Samsung TVs also have a similar security (and punishment) system.

Lock a Samsung TV remotely

The imprisonment of former South African President Jacob Zuma last July sparked a series of protests that resulted in scenes of violence, looting and arson in the worst riots the country has ever known. “since the end of apartheid in 1994“According to several experts. Thefts have been happening in a country also plagued by confinement by the Coronavirus and the subsequent economic decline and poverty that the closure of businesses causes. And stores and warehouses of electronic products are always the targets most desired.

Presented a few weeks ago in the Samsung division of South Africa precisely to help alleviate these thefts, The company announced the introduction of a TV lock feature on all Samsung TVs. The locking system is intended for televisions that “They have been obtained by users through illegal means and, in some cases, stolen from Samsung warehouses.”

TV Lock is a remote security solution that detects if Samsung TVs have been improperly activated and ensures that televisions can only “be used by their rightful owners with valid proof of purchase“. The objective of this technology is to mitigate the creation of secondary markets related to the sale of illegal products, “both in South Africa and beyond its borders.”

Already installed

According to Samsung, this technology “it is already preloaded in all Samsung television products “, but does not point to specific models. Samsung is committed to “ropen businesses and minimize job losses, in line with the call to #RebuildSouthAfrica ”. With this in mind, Samsung You have activated the TV lock on all looted Samsung TVs from its Cato Ridge distribution center in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal since July 11, 2021.

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Samsung TV Lock works as follows:

  1. A television blocking system is activated on stolen Samsung TVs
  2. The blockade goes into effect when the user of a stolen TV connects to the Internet, to be able to use the appliance
  3. Once connected, the serial number of the TV is identified on the Samsung server and the locking system is activated, disabling all TV functions
  4. In the event that a customer’s TV is improperly locked, functionality can be restored once proof of purchase and a valid TV license are shared with company customer service.


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