Diddy Reveals His Relationship Status!! Is He Dating Yung Miami?

Is Diddy Dating Yung Miami

The City Girls rapper made a shocking declaration during the middle of an Instagram Live broadcast: “I will not require dating advice from anybody on the Internet.” 

During the segment of Yung Miami’s new show titled Caresha Please, in which Diddy answered questions about his alleged connection with Yung Miami, he was subjected to a great deal of scrutiny. Take a glance at something he had to add in the comments section below.

There is a chance one of hip hop’s most famous and eligible single guys is considering pulling himself off the scene. 

Confirmation of relationship by Diddy

Is Diddy Dating Yung Miami

It was rumored that host and City Girls rapper Yung Miami would have boyfriend Diddy, who’s really 52 years old, as her first notable guest on the first episode of the Caresha Please show, which aired on REVOLT on June 10. 

When addressing their status in their relationship in this episode, the pair did not attempt to sugarcoat the reality by saying anything but what it really is.

“He remarked, “I’m single, but I’m dating,” adding, “And I’m dating. My life isn’t a race, and I’m not in any particular rush to go somewhere “is done with strangers providing her relationship advice that she didn’t specifically seek on the internet.

During the most recent episode of the first season of the REVOLT TV podcast Caresha Please, Sean “Diddy” Combs acknowledged that he and the City Girls rapper had been dating. 

The City Girls rapper reacted to individuals who were attempting to tell them what to do after the Instagram Live broadcast on Monday (June 13). Those individuals were on the receiving end of a couple of her colorful comments.

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In June of 2017, Miami posted a photo on Instagram that showed her strolling hand in hand with the founder of REVOLT TV. Shortly afterward, rumors started to surface that she and Diddy were involved in a romantic relationship.

In October of 2021, the City Girls singer shared a selfie of herself on social media with a man who was widely believed to be Diddy. The two were posing together on a beach. After that, she got rid of the picture on her Instagram account. In an interview that she gave in December 2021 on the WGCI Morning Show, Miami debunked the impression that there was anything more than a platonic connection between Diddy and her. 

Many of the pair’s fans got the impression that there was something more happening between them than just a friendship. She said “No” when she was asked whether she had dated the rapper, but she later replied on her Instagram Story after footage of that response in a video went viral.

Miami is enjoying the best time 

Is Diddy Dating Yung Miami

Since she is having a good time and knows how to act in a relationship, Miami argued that other people needn’t be concerned about her actions. “I don’t need any dating advice from the Internet,” she said. “I’m a wonderful person. The current state of affairs has me overjoyed. I know how to keep a man interested in me. In the event that I ever sought a man, I knew how to keep him. 

No one, especially you, should give me any relationship advice. “I’m treated like a princess,” I tell myself, “but no one is planning to walk me or treat me in any way.” Miami, a 28-year-old man, sought clarification on the terms of their agreement after hearing Diddy’s remarks. They are dating each other which was confirmed by diddy. 

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He also added that they’ve become good friends. We go to far-flung, fascinating places. In addition to going to church, we also go to strip clubs.”That “Twerkulator” singer, who has an 8-year-old child and a two-year-old child, is what attracted Diddy to her, according to the music mogul. They want to carry it forward to the next level.

Diddy’s statement regarding dating Miami

Is Diddy Dating Yung Miami

It was during a visit to Caresha Please, a new Miami-based show when Diddy made the statement “We have a relationship. We’ve decided to take things further and get to know one other better. We’ve decided to go on a few dates together. We have a lot in common. We go to far-flung and intriguing destinations. We have a great time when we get together.”

Caresha Brownlee, better known by her stage name, Miami, is Diddy’s current girlfriend. When she inquired about the specifics of their relationship, Diddy reacted by claiming he is both single, dating, and “just enjoying my time in life.” Caresha Brownlee is a Miami native. However, despite the fact that the City Girls rapper isn’t affiliated with a label, Diddy is a fan. 

When she asked him how he knew she was among the most genuine people he’d ever met, he said, You’re a wonderful mother and friend, and you’re your authentic self. 

Landed in controversy

Is Diddy Dating Yung Miami

Last month, Miami was embroiled in a scandal involving Diddy and a woman named Gina Huynh. Miami became embroiled in the dispute when Gina shared a photo of Diddy kissing her on the cheek on Instagram.

Her song “Rap Freaks,” released the next month, had a reference to Diddy. When she raps about their time together in the same song, she talks about how much they both like it and how they fly in jet jets together.

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Diddy couldn’t resist addressing the current topic on this week’s edition of Caresha Please. He called the situation “cluttered” and said that he had to “keep clean up and push the restart button to keep it running” in order to keep things moving. He was alluding to the exchanges between Gina and Miami.

Bottom line

The most wanted and famous rappers are off the market now. They are enjoying their relationship. They are usually spotted together everywhere in the city. 

Fans are happy and wish them the best. They both are trying their best to stay happy and make this relationship a healthier one. 

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