Diego Boneta would be one step away from jail due to a lawsuit from a colleague from “Luis Miguel, the series”

For three years, the series that portrays the life of Luis Miguel it was one of Netflix’s biggest hits. Although the third and final season was not fully praised by fans, the truth is that many were satisfied with how the story ended. Starring Diego Boneta In the singer’s skin, the biographical strip continues to be one of the most chosen worldwide, but still not everything is rosy for the platform and the actor.

This is because, despite the furor caused by the series of Luis Miguel, one of the actors will initiate legal claims against Diego Boneta and production in general. A few months ago it became known that Martín Bello, who played Uncle Tito, suffered serious injuries due to a scene that he had to star in with his colleague. In it, the moment in which the singer knew the truth about what had happened to his mother, Marcela Basteri, was portrayed.

And, from what the series showed, the reaction of El Sol de México was not entirely healthy since he beat his uncle very violently. Therefore, at the time of putting it on the screen, Diego Boneta and Bello had something agreed, but not everything went as expected since now, the second, must undergo a surgical operation. So much so that, due to the severity of his injuries, which he took as a result of this scene that, according to him, was not agreed, he initiated lawsuits against the actor and Netflix in general.

It cannot be allowed in a production of such quality“The actor said at the time when he announced his demand. But now, the character of it has changed and, consequently, Diego Boneta could end up in prison for being the author of the injuries. “We are going to work on these injuries in the criminal case to determine if they are malicious or negligent. What does that mean? Verify if it was done with any intention to harm Martín or simple negligence”Bello’s lawyer, Ignacio Trimarco, recently declared.

Given this, the lawyer explained that Boneta could go to prison because “are serious injuries that, to this day, a year and a half later, Martín continues to suffer”. Likewise, there is also the fact that Bello must undergo an operation from which he could leave paralyzed because, from what he revealed, he has a fractured vertebra in his neck. That is, everything seems to indicate that both the interpreter and his lawyer will go to the last resort to amend the damage.

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